I don’t just sell a workout..

You think I just sell a workout, don’t ya…


I don’t! I sell a service, a damn good one!

~I educate

~I support

~I inspire

~I do it right along WITH you

~I share tips in my expertise

~I give tough love if needed

~I take a vested interest in people

~I motivate

~I help break old habits

~I help create new habits

~I believe in people and help them to believe in themselves
I don’t sell a product…I COACH!

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Conception Criollo says January 21, 2017

Hello Melissa, you can call me C.C. I finally decided to reach out to you because my struggle is REAL. I have been attempting to loose weight since the start of my IVF treatments in 2011. I completed a total of 3 rounds each resulting in miscarriages however the 3rd round was the charm. I am a very proud momma to a beautiful 3 year old boy who was 1 of the Triplets. I have tried weight watchers, grape and celery juicing diet, the military diet and carb restriction and Garcinia Cambogia pills. I’ll admit, they all did work but only for the first couple of weeks. I strongly believe that the right program which is inclusive of coaching and actually holding me accountable via social media and of course the he ability to earn $$$ will be the perfect recipe for my success. My goal is to loose 32 lbs and be healthy and fit so that I can enhance the time I spend with my son and go back to enjoying the sporty activities I once enjoyed doing along side my supportive husband.

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