Insanity Schedule and Calendar Review

I’m not just talking about how crazy your work schedule is or how much you juggle your kids’ school and social calendars-even though I know those all can cause insanity!

I’m talking about the fan-TAB-ulous Shaun T’s Insanity workout program, that will get you significant results in only 60 days! Sounds too good to be true, right?

There is a legit reason they call it “Insanity.😜

What is the Insanity Calendar?

Insanity is a high-intensity cardio workout…and when I say “high intensity” I mean don’t try this if you have been sedimentary for an extended period. This is the kind of exercise program that will kick you into high gear from the very beginning.

In fact, the first workout of the program is a 💪🏼Fit Test that will help you determine if you are at the proper fitness level to survive the workouts.

Insanity Schedule

The workout length is one workout a day, six days a week, for 60 days. (I told you it was intense). It requires a solid commitment to fitness. There are two distinct training circuits, one for each month, with a week-long recovery period in between.

The first month focuses on high-intensity interval training, and most of the workouts are 35-40 minutes in length. During the recovery week, there are still six days of exercise, but they focus more on core and balance, giving your body the chance to readapt and avoid plateaus. The second month kicks it WAY up, with similar exercises to the first month but in more intense workouts lasting over 60 minutes.   


There is a calendar to follow, and it is vital to your success in the program. Now, that doesn’t mean that you must follow the Insanity calendar to the day (for example, you can shift and have Saturday be your “off day”) but you should still follow the daily exercise program in the correct order. Each day targets a different area and builds off the previous days’ workouts.

The printable calendar also tells you which workouts are replaceable without losing the intensity of the program (i.e., replacing Cardio Abs with Insane Abs). Another way to keep your exercise program varied but still on track.

Now, if you are a beginner, but also a TYPE A personality who wants a challenge, then Beachbody On Demand would be a great way to test this program to make sure you are up to the intensity. As I have mentioned before, you don’t want to overdo it and burn yourself out before you start to see results.

But if you are at a high level of fitness and really want to super-charge your workouts, give the Insanity Schedule a try! Check out Shaun T’s Insanity Website, you can sign up for a free account and learn more about the Insanity Schedule and Calendar

Insanity Schedule