Shaun T and His Fitness Programs Rise To The Top

If you have any interest in fitness, the chances are that you have repeatedly heard the name Shaun T. (If you read my blog, you know that I think this guy is amazing). I’m not sure that I’ve given you enough reasons to try his programs, so in today’s post, let’ learn a little more about the man and why he is an inspiration to me and so many people.

How it started

While Shaun T was in college, he didn’t gain the “Freshman 15” like most people; he gained the Freshman 50! He remembered his grandfather’s advice (“strive to be in peak physical condition,”) and he knew he had to change his habits. He switched his major, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science, and started his career as a health and fitness specialist.

Finding himself while working for several fitness chains and also putting his Theatre/Dance minor to use (backup dancer for Mariah Carey!). Have you heard the legend of the movie star discovered while sitting at a lunch counter and went on to super-stardom? Shaun shares a similar story with those of a movie star discovery.

He was teaching a fitness class at Equinox fitness when representatives of Beachbody approached him and asked him to submit a demo for an exercise video. And the rest is history.


Shaun T has created seven programs for Beachbody since that first demo. His workout plans showcase both his creativity and his passion for helping people of all abilities reach their fitness goals.

Hip Hop Abs

His first workout video for Beachbody was released in 2007 and became an instant sensation. The dance-based, 60-day program is great for beginners. It consists of three hip hop dance routines which (if followed) will give you great results.

Rockin’ Body

Focusing once again on dancing as a path to fitness, Shaun T’s second program expands to five workouts and switches up the dancing. You’ll groove away to disco, rock-and-roll, and classic dance hits, all with the dance steps broken down for easy following.


Often called “the most intense workout ever put on DVD,” this program certainly lives up to its name. It is so intense that you have to take a fitness test before starting the program to be sure that you can complete it without harming yourself in the process. I’ve focused a few posts on the Insanity program.

Insanity: The Asylum

As if Insanity wasn’t enough, he then refocused the exercises and based this sports-specific workout on drills that pro athletes use for their training. Putting that college degree to good use here!

Focus T25

Recognizing that people’s lives have become increasingly hectic, He then created the Focus T25 program so that an hour’s worth of exercises and benefits are reached in just 25 minutes

Insanity Max:30

Not content to let Insanity lie, and building off of the success of Focus T25, Shaun T repackaged the Insanity workouts to be completed in only 30 minutes. Intense doesn’t even begin to describe it.


Shaun T’s latest workout program puts “an end to the exercise.” Going back to his dance roots, this program is so fun that it will make you forget that working out is supposed to be hard.

The total package

Shaun T knows how to motivate and encourage, and his energy is infectious. He truly believes in doing whatever he can to help people, and that comes through in every program he leads.

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