“Cize” Dancing Your Way to Fitness

Thank You, Shaun T, for “Cize“. Do you find it challenging to get motivated when you’re doing the same repetitive exercises day after day? I get it; even if you’re into fitness, it is totally understandable if “lunge, squat, plank, repeat” gets boring after a while.

Fortunately, “Cize” is an alternative exercise plan created by Shaun T that doesn’t feel like exercise at all. You can now dance your way to fitness and get all the fitness benefits.

What is “Cize?”

According to Shaun T, “Cize” is the “end of exercise as you know it.” It’s actually a super-fun, dance program that gives you cardio and fat burning all while dancing to familiar hip hop songs.

Now, make no mistake; this is some intense hip hop that you’ll be doing in this program. But Shaun T breaks down the movements step by step before putting them together into the full routines that you do in the middle of the program. You’ll see variations of the movements throughout each dance segment.

The Program

The Program is a four-week program that can be repeated, so if you’re having fun with it, keep on dancin’! The six workouts included in the program range from 30-51 minutes long, and each dance builds on the previous one.

All that being said, I’m going, to be honest with you, at first these routines may feel awkward for people who are beginning dancers or who don’t otherwise have dance abilities. Shaun T does simplify the routines, and as with most other programs, there are levels that show you modified movement. There’s even a neat “reverse” feature that allows you to see the class from the back, easier to learn the steps for beginners and others to follow, rather than mirroring the steps.


This workout will burn between 350-600 calories (give or take a few), so even if you’re not doing the steps at full capacity and are just trying to keep up, you should see weight loss and a change in your muscle tone. As with most other programs, you can get the plan on DVD or stream it through Beachbody On Demand.

There are two calendars you can follow: Beginner and Advanced. Combined with the Eat Up! Meal Plan, which focuses on portion control and healthy eating, the Cize program gives you all the tools you need to dance your way to fitness.

Cize Fitness Program