Stop Dieting, Start Losing Weight

I know why your past diets have failed you and I’d like to share why!

But first, let me share with you a study I recently read about…311 overweight women were assigned one of these popular diet programs: The Atkins Diet, The Zone Diet, The LEARN Diet or The Ornish Diet.

They were given the book that was written about it and also were personally schooled on it by taking 8 one hour classes explaining EXACTLY how to follow the diet she was assigned to.

Once they completed these courses, they were sent on their merry way to follow the diet for 1 year. The results speak volumes.

In the first 2 months, most women lost a significant amount of weight but after that, the weight loss started to even off and by years end, none of the women lost more than 10 pounds (after a whole year of dieting)!

Honestly, I don’t think the diets are to blame, it’s the fact that they are so complicated, people just lose the will to stick with it. The International Journal of Obesity published a study titled ”Dietary Adherence and Weight Loss Success Among Overweight Women: Results From The A To Z Weight Loss Study.”

This was their conclusion:  
Only ONE woman in the entire study followed their diet for the entire year.

The rest didn’t properly follow their assigned diet. Not only that, but the better and longer a woman followed the plan…the better results she had.

For a multitude of reasons, these women just couldn’t adhere to their diets and make it a lifestyle. Each of these diets followed different macronutrient protocols but didn’t seem to matter…what mattered was the diets were too complicated to stick to. These women were “experts” in their plans and yet they still fell short on adopting it long term.

So I think it’s safe to say that the more complicated a diet is…the lower the chance of success is!

When it comes to what I've seen be successful, and what has helped me be in the best shape of my life in my 40s are two things Intermittent Fasting and a High Fat Low Carb food. 

I don’t count calories, I make healthier choices.

We were never designed to continually eat mini meals all day long, that’s what cows do.

Eat to fuel your beautiful life and allow your body to rest from eating and digesting 16 hours a day so it can go through it’s natural courses!



About the Author Melissa McAllister

My name is Melissa McAllister. I just turned 44! I have a son and daughter and my husband and I are new empty nesters! My husband is the reason I eat, drink, and sleep health and fitness. He has 2 speeds, GO and GO Faster. We have been together for over 28 years and married for 23 (yes, he had me at “hello!”). Don’t get me wrong though…I was a Doritos and Coca Cola eating Hoover when I was in school! Fitness has been an essential part of my life for over 19 years. I have the 3 best jobs in the world—being a stay-at-home Mom, business owner, and group exercise instructor for several large fitness chains. I have been teaching everything from yoga to kickboxing for over 17 years. I have also had the great opportunity to train, inspire, and motivate other instructors for the past 11 years. You might even see me in a few fitness videos out there! 😉 Reaching out to others who are struggling to be healthy and happy is my passion. I couldn’t tell you next Fall’s latest fashion must have or what flowers to plant this season, but I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. With your determination and my motivation, we can find and keep the best YOU! I will inspire by holding myself and those around me accountable!

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