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The “C” Word! Should you avoid High Cholesterol Foods?

High Cholesterol Foods

The “C” word! Now I know you’re saying, “Melissa, if I know ANYTHING about nutrition, I know to stay away from high Cholesterol Foods. Am I right or am I right? Well, you’re wrong. Some very important foods to your health contain cholesterol…including your very 1st food…breast milk. I don’t think it was put there […]

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The Power of Accountability in Weight Loss

The Power of Accountability In Weight Loss Image

I’m a quiet person who likes to keep herself to herself and makes excuses to avoid many social situations.However, one area where I have found being social is key is when it comes to reaching and maintaining my health and fitness goals. The Power of Accountability in Weight Loss in undeniable. I’m stubborn, competitive and […]

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Should You be Using BCAAs – and what are they?

Should You Be Using BCAAS Melissa Photo

No, I’m not talking about bra sizes here… LOL! Actually, a very common question I get is should you be using BCAAs – and what are they??? In fact this is one of the most common questions I hear! Well as always, please allow me to first explain what they are, what they’re used for, if […]

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Do You Read Nutrition Labels?

Don’t Stop at Calories and Macros: How to Read Food Labels

Do you read nutrition labels? If you said, “Yes” are you expecting I’m going to whip out my hand to exchange high 5’s? I really want to pat you on the back because I know most believe  label reading is important to your health but I’m going to beg to differ here, especially since we […]

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The High Fat Low Carb Made Diet!

High Fat Low Carb Melissa

Have you heard a lot about High Fat Low Carb diets, ketosis, Gluconeogenesis etc? Where do I stand? I am not Keto! I am not Paleo! I am MADE! It took years of reading, watching, researching, studying and experimentation on myself, my family and my friends to come up with the BEST scenario of all […]

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Will Intermittent Fasting Cause Muscle Loss?

Will Intermittent Fasting Cause Muscle Loss?

Can I just put up a picture of myself here to answer this question?? I kid, I kid! But remember, I’ve been an intermittent faster for going 18 years now. The question I get asked by people- particularly men is Will intermittent fasting cause muscle loss?. The Guys fear that all of their hard work […]

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Sleep When You’re Dead – Not me! – Sleep for Weight Loss

Sleep For Weight Loss

Catching some Zzzzz’s is amazingly important for our health, but do you have enough Sleep for weight loss to occur? “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” has got to be one of the stupidest sentences ever quoted! Do you get enough sleep? Bare-bones minimum do you get at least six hours but hopefully closer to eight hours? […]

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Don’t Exercise to Lose Weight! It Won’t Work!

Don't Exercise to Lose weight

If anyone can help you lose weight, it’s Jillian Michaels, right?! I mean she’ll get in your face and make you workout SO HARD, the pounds will just drip off…literally! It’s so simple do more exercise to lose weight – so they say – right?? Isn’t that what we’re always told? Don’t people say you need […]

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Will Intermittent Fasting Help Me Lose Weight?

Intermittent Fasting Image

Well let me ask you this, does a pig love slop? The answer to both of these is a resounding YES! Do you desperately want to shed some extra pounds and feel like you’ve tried everything and failed? Have you ever tried intermittent fasting and if so were you consistent with it (because that is […]

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