About The Body Beast Work Out

There are those in fitness that want to muscle up. If you are one of those then meet “The Body Beast Work Out” by Sagi Kalev is the way to go. They love the strength it gives them and that they can continuously see the results of their hard work. Striving to do the best you can and see the results of your hard work is one of the main ideas behind the Body Beast workout, created by Sagi Kalev.

Who is Sagi?

Sagi has an impressive background. He started bodybuilding when he was 16, and a tour of duty in the Israeli army helped him hone his focus to take bodybuilding to the next level. After receiving a bachelors degree in physical education, he continued fitness modeling and bodybuilding, winning two “Mr. Israel” titles!

Eventually, he decided to take everything that he had learned over his years in the business and put it together in a program designed to help other people achieve their goals. And lo, Body Beast was born.

Love Muscles

The Body Beast program is an intense, 90-day plan and focuses on strength training to give you that “chiseled” or “cut” look. Whether you prefer lean muscle mass or bulky muscles, you will see the results of this program if you follow it correctly. There are three phases, with six workouts per week that last 45-60 minutes per workout.

Phase I-Build

During the initial Body Beast three-week phase, Sagi introduces the moves and teaches the proper techniques to prepare you for the heavier lifting that will occur in later stages. Sagi believes that building a strong core so your foundation can support the more strenuous exercises is imperative, and that is the focus.

Phase II-Bulk

The second phase is six weeks long, and this is where you will start pumping! You’ll be completing many of the same moves that you learned in the Build phase, but with heavier weights. (Side note: Now is an excellent time to remind you that gaining muscle raises your metabolic rate, which helps you burn fat faster. So, even if this phase is hard, keep your endgame in sight).

Phase III-Beast

Now you really get to tear it up! During the last three weeks, you put everything from the first nine weeks together. The weights are heavier, the pace is faster, and the program is overall more demanding. But hey, it’s to make you a beast, right?

Body Beast
Body Beast