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Sleep When You’re Dead – Not me! – Sleep for Weight Loss

Sleep For Weight Loss

Catching some Zzzzz’s is amazingly important for our health, but do you have enough Sleep for weight loss to occur? “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” has got to be one of […]

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P90X3 Schedule – Explaining the Differences

P90X3 is designed to give you the results of P90X in a shorter length of workout (30 minutes). Today, I’m going to explain the P90X3 Schedule. Hopefully, the info will […]

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Don’t Exercise to Lose Weight! It Won’t Work!

Don't Exercise to Lose weight

If anyone can help you lose weight, it’s Jillian Michaels, right?! I mean she’ll get in your face and make you workout SO HARD, the pounds will just drip off…literally! […]

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Will Intermittent Fasting Help Me Lose Weight?

Intermittent Fasting Image

Well let me ask you this, does a pig love slop? The answer to both of these is a resounding YES! Do you desperately want to shed some extra pounds […]

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