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3 Tips for a Bloated Stomach

Bloated stomach

Suffering from a bloated stomach? Ever feel like you could apply to be a fellow float for the Macy’s Day Parade? Especially after eating what you thought was a healthy meal? Bloat…not a very sexy word, is it?! Well it happens to the best of us, probably even more so to the healthiest of us! […]

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To Protein or Not To Protein…(and what are macronutrients anyway?)

What are macronutrients?

What are macronutrients? All 3 macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein) have been the topic of MANY blogs lately. When you read one telling you to just reduce carbs, you’ll find another one telling you to cut them out altogether. You’ll read a blog telling you fat will kill you, while the next one you read […]

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Bacon! Bacon! (Free) Bacon!

Bacon Bacon Bacon

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Does that word make your mouth water too? I love it and have so much fun with the mugs, t-shirts and memes out there about it. But the question I get asked is, can I (or should I) eat it everyday? I love bacon, the salty crunch definitely does it for me, […]

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Coconut Oil Isn’t Healthy – The Cold Hard Green Truth

Coconut Oil Isn't Healthy

After reading USA Today’s article from the American Heart Association “Coconut Oil isn’t Healthy – it never was” , I had to write a response: First, let’s address the fact that they say coconut oil raises LDL. What’s interesting, is that 50% of people hospitalized because of heart attacks have “normal” cholesterol levels. Over the […]

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Eat smart tips for guys (from my guy!)

Eat smart tips for guys (from my guy!)

Eat smart tips from my guy to yours! In honor of Father’s Day, I asked the Father of my 2 kiddos to give his “male perspective” on The M.A.D.E Diet. Many people don’t know this but Mick (my husband) was the one who got me into eating healthier. When we met in high school, he […]

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Oh Boy, Is It Ok To Eat Soy?

Is it Ok To Eat Soy ?

OK Ladies, I’m mostly talking to you here. I know you’ve heard conflicting information about whether or not it is ok to eat soy as a part of your healthy diet. Let me share with you what I’ve learned over the years about this plant-based bean that is rich in fat, carbohydrates and protein. The […]

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Will bulletproof coffee break my fast and is it healthy?

Bulletproof Coffee

The 2 questions that I get asked almost every day are – will bulletproof coffee break my fast? Is it healthy? With the trend for High Fat Low Carb eating, and in line with my MADE diet, I often get asked how drinking it will affect your fast. I know that Dave Asprey states in his […]

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5 Tips for Healthy Eating on Vacation

Healthy Eating on Vacation

The world is my oyster…except I don’t like oysters! But I do love the world, and over the past several years my husband, Mick, and I have become quite the globetrotters! All that being said – we do our best to not let our Healthy Eating Slip! These past 24 months alone, we’ve been blessed […]

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The Effect of Diet on Your Skin – Taylor’s Story

The Effect of Diet On Your Skin

Your child’s face! Isn’t it the most beautiful sight to see? What my daughter Taylor and I have learned this last 6 months is the incredible effect of diet on your skin. This is Taylor, and I want to share our nutritional journey together in hopes that it helps other Mom’s, Dad’s and Teens out […]

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