The Effect of Diet on Your Skin – Taylor’s Story

Your child’s face! Isn’t it the most beautiful sight to see? What my daughter Taylor and I have learned this last 6 months is the incredible effect of diet on your skin.

This is Taylor, and I want to share our nutritional journey together in hopes that it helps other Mom’s, Dad’s and Teens out there losing the battle for healthy skin (which could just be diet related).


Personally, I’ve never had to deal with “bad” skin. My husband, on the other hand, did and went through the whole Accutane prescription in his teens. We were dating and I watched him go through that and it was AWFUL! It literally burned him from the inside out. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!

Taylor had beautiful skin up until her late teens and started breaking out pretty badly. It was such a blow to her self esteem and I wanted to “fix” it as quickly as I could. So off we went to the dermatologist to see what we could do to fix it.

Well, to sum it all up, over the past 3 years and several doctors later, Taylor has been prescribed birth control, harsh topical creams, has tried EVERY acne skin care regimen and was even finally told that she too needed to be on Accutane herself.

This prescription is SO harsh, if you’ve never looked it up, that Taylor was going to need to get monthly pregnancy tests (severe birth defects are exceptionally high with this drug), was going to have to go BACK on birth control, take blood pressure medication while on it because of possible complications and an additional hormone (called Spironolactone) during the minimum 6 month usage of this drug.

Ummmm, Hell to the NO!!!!

This past winter, we took a family vacation to Colorado with some friends. Let’s just say that these friends don’t have the same dietary discipline the McAllister’s have so there were lots of poor food choices in the cabin. Taylor admittedly indulged in what they brought and the 2nd picture you see is her a few days after being home from that trip. Its amazing the effect of diet on your skin right???

It was at that moment that she had an epiphany and realized it could be a certain food that was causing such trauma to her skin. She vowed to never eat dairy again and hasn’t touched it since. Guess what, her skin is perfect! Now the ironic thing is, during her hardship with her breakouts, I took her to get a food allergy test and she had ZERO allergy’s to dairy…not even a sensitivity!

Why I’m sharing about the effect of diet on your skin

So my point in sharing this with my fellow Mom’s and Dad’s out there. Before you consider those harsh, harsh, harsh, chemicals prescribed to your child, maybe just try eliminating certain foods from their diets (even if they seem to “tolerate” them well). The effect of diet on your skin could is definitely worth considering. Chances are too, that if certain foods disrupt the skin, it’s also wreaking havoc on the insides that we just can’t see. So if your Teen is…well, acting like a Teen…maybe it’s not just the raging hormones taking control. It could be something as simple as an aversion to a certain food that just keeps them from looking and feeling like themselves! It’s always worth a shot, right?!