PiYo Reviews – A Quick Refresher

PiYo is an excellent choice for exercise, especially if you’re going to get lean and muscular without bulking up. I like to do a quick refresher of the program as well as a few PiYo reviews from other people that are finding success with the program.

PiYo Compliments


Yoga is a multi-faceted and very complex belief system that has several levels one must achieve for full understanding. However, there are five basic principles we can apply to our health: proper exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, and meditation.


Pilates focuses on strengthening the core, which is the location of your center of balance. There are six principles of Pilates: concentration, flow, breath, centering, control, and precision.

It’s easy to see that, when combined, the two disciplines dovetail to form a holistic workout. The most obvious is that if you strengthen your core through Pilates, your balance will improve significantly in even the most difficult of yoga poses.

Conversely, the flexibility that repeated yoga moves provide can also enhance the muscle sharpening or “chiseling” techniques of Pilates.

It’s soothing

Yeah, I know, some of the exercises are anything but soothing, and it may be difficult to associate a cardio routine with relaxation. However, if you look at the whole program, you’ll see what I mean. The focus on flowing through the movements and concentrating on perfecting technique provides the perfect brain break even as your body is working hard.

It produces results

Not only will your mind and body be more harmonious, but you’ll find that the stronger core provided by PiYo will increase your ability to perform other exercises, including more challenging workouts that you weren’t able to complete before trying PiYo.

PIYO Reviews – Success Stories

Best of all, if you follow the nutrition plan that comes with the PiYo program, you will lose weight. Here are some PiYo Reviews from people who completed the program. For some, once is enough, but you can always start at the beginning and repeat the program.

Don’t forget: Chalene’s PiYo program requires no extra equipment and is available on Beachbody on Demand, meaning that you can even continue your workouts while on vacation or traveling for work. It is an excellent method of getting in shape.

PiYo Reviews – A Quick Refresher

piyo reviews