Is Your Plate Full of Real Food?

Are you feeding your machine (aka your body) with real food? 

When I overhear, “I’m hungry, let’s get a burger or pizza” I die a little inside!

It’s obvious that we eat to stay alive but because something has the label of ‘food’ doesn’t mean that’s really what it is. Food is meant to be fuel…it’s supposed to help, not harm, us.

The food that we eat actually gives our bodies information. We are made up of millions and millions of cells, and the nutrients in food are what tell these cells to do what they’re supposed to do.

No nutrition -> lack of function = big problems!

The hunger pangs…

When we get legitimately hungry, our bodies are telling us we are missing nutrients that help us function properly. Ingesting a cheeseburger and fries does not “feed” us and certainly doesn’t allow us to perform as we should. In fact, eating such processed foods (if you even dare to use that word), creates more harm than skipping that particular meal altogether. There is so much damage control your body has to tend to after eating that Extra Value Meal at lunch.

Real foods have certain phytochemical properties that help prevent and combat cancer, stop inflammation and provide us with antioxidants that will keep us living long lives. Remember, it is these Big Food companies’ jobs to make the MOST profit off of their sales. They will do whatever they can to cut costs. That includes creating a chemical derivative blueberry- “like” substance to put in their muffins, bars and pancakes – you know, instead of actually using a real blueberry!

Food should NEVER be a problem to our health, it’s supposed to help us remain healthy. But if we keep abusing it and eat too much from the factory packaged in a fancy wrapper, then disease runs rampant and our health suffers greatly.

You cannot trust labels and you cannot trust companies out there making highly addictive and incredibly insubstantial “food” for us. They’re best friends with the pharmaceutical companies and keeping us sick is highly profitable. Instead, eat food without labels or wrappers. Crazy, I know but it can be done and it can taste amazing!