So Can Sugar Ever Be Healthy??

So, can sugar ever be healthy?? 

In a word…no!!

You can probably guess I’m not a fan of the stuff. I’ve yet to read a study that gives me ANY reason to tell you, that even in small doses, it’s ok to consume.

This notion that a calorie is a calorie and moderation is key is complete B.S. when it comes to sugar. I’m just trying to be your friend – if I tell you it’s ok for you and your kids to have, because it’s really not.

No, I’m not perfect, far from it but if I lived on a deserted island with a produce stand, a McDonald’s and a candy store…I cross my heart, hope to die I’d only eat off the produce stand.

But there are those times my friends want to split a dessert so I’ll take a bite. Sometimes a family member will bring me Hot Tamales (my favorite) and I’ll take a few out but then let the trash have the rest. You really can never say you’ll “never” have sugar again…because you will!

But because it is added into damn near everything we eat and drink today, we need to try especially hard to choose wisely.

Would you ever consider a 10 day sugar detox?

Just 10 days to see what it really feels like to not have that junk in your system!

As quoted by registered dietician, Brooke Alpert, “Sugar makes you fat, ugly and old.” I would add that it makes you sick too! Why on Earth do we eat and drink it then? Addiction, that’s why!

But if I can get you to just leave it completely out of your diet for 10 days, I think…no, I know, you would feel a tremendous change that would make you continue on a sugar free lifestyle (with the occasional shared dessert).

Are you still asking can sugar ever be healthy? Have I convinced you to give it the detox a try? Yes? Awesome!

Here are the simple guidelines:

  1. Read your labels. If it was made by man, you need to know all the ingredients. Sugar is hidden in the darnedest places.
  2. Fruit is natural but contains a lot of sugar. You have to see it as a treat (but after your 10 days).
  3. Keep your beverages simple: water, tea and coffee.
  4. Eat as farm fresh as you can: pasteurized eggs, humanely raised meats and tons of veggies.
  5. Take it day by day.

It is called a detox for a reason, because you are ridding yourself of toxins! You are going to feel crappy before you feel amazing…prepare for that.

You can do this and I PROMISE you that you will feel the best you quite possibly ever have! So instead of being fat, ugly, old and sick you’ll be thin, glowing, full of life and healthy!

Now THAT is worth passing on the dessert for!