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Why Can Some People Eat Whatever They Want?

Why can some people eat whatever they want?

Why can some people eat whatever they want… …but never gain weight?   Come on, you have at least one friend that seems to eat and drink anything they want and manage to stay super slim, right?! I had that friend in high school. Her name was Jenell and she was one of my best […]

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Let’s Get Fizzy!

lets get fizzy

So what made me decide to write a blog about sparkling water? Well if I’m being honest here, it was constipation… For some reason, when my body travels, I am not as regular as I am when I am at home. And for the most part, I eat and exercise exactly the same way. The […]

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Cooking On Cast Iron – Have You Tried It Yet?

cooking on cast iron

So if you know me, you know I love to travel! Besides my bobcat, Basil, I usually end up missing my cast-iron skillet the most when I’m gone for longer than a few days. Cooking on cast iron… I happened upon cast iron cooking by accident. One of my husband’s friends, and executive chef, came […]

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Why I’ll Never Sugarcoat The Truth

sugarcoat the truth

I’m not going to sugarcoat this, because sugar is downright horrible for your health! Most people that I talk to still believe that they can eat the Standard American Diet (SAD), exercise here and there and be healthy. This simply is not true! And I’m not going to sugarcoat the truth just so you can eat […]

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Best Time to Work Out? In the Morning!

best time to work out

Best time to work out? Working out in the morning is BEST! Especially if you can do it in a fasted state, working out first thing in the morning is a great fat burner. It also wakes you up and gets you ready for the day – and doing it first thing in the morning […]

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Should You Avoid Grains In Your Diet?

should you avoid grains

Should you avoid grains in your diet? Well, take this advice with a “grain” of salt! Just as controversial as eggs, coconut oil and artificial sweeteners are…grains have been a real topic of discussion lately. A day doesn’t go by I don’t get asked if I eat them. Short answer, never! When I took a […]

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Fast Food is Really an “F” Word For Me!

fast food

Fast food is really an “F” word for me! But I have to be realistic and remember that for my vacationers, road tripper’s and busy Moms… Sometimes fast food is it for options. With that in mind maybe I can help you by giving you ideas on the better choices that these places offer. Although […]

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Should You Eat Before a Workout?

eat before or after workout to lose fat

Well before two weeks ago, I would have given you a resounding NO! I’ve been doing fasted workouts for 18 years and attribute it to my lean physique. I know through all of my studies that you burn more fat when fasted and it also increases your levels of human growth hormone…which also increases fat […]

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Excited to Share your Weight Loss Motivation with Your Buddy?

Weight loss motivation

Do you have a loved one, or loved ones, who you want nothing more than for them to WANT to lose weight? Are you excited to share your weight loss motivation with those who could also benefit? Even good intentions can hurt people’s feelings. The last thing people want to be reminded of is the […]

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