Excited to Share your Weight Loss Motivation with Your Buddy?

Do you have a loved one, or loved ones, who you want nothing more than for them to WANT to lose weight? Are you excited to share your weight loss motivation with those who could also benefit?

Even good intentions can hurt people’s feelings. The last thing people want to be reminded of is the fact that they need to lose weight. So, in order to not hurt anyone’s feelings, keep in mind that a person who is overweight doesn’t need to be reminded daily…they already know.

But there are some things you CAN do to help inspire them to WANT to make the change for themselves. Here a few ideas.

Try to meal prep and workout at a time that doesn’t take away from them or isn’t a daily reminder of what they’re NOT doing. Seeing this every day will most likely make them more bitter and put in their heads negative thoughts like, “It’s so time consuming to be healthy” or “Being healthy makes it so you can’t hang out with your loved ones.”

As excited as you are about your progress, tread lightly when mentioning a goal met. Only do it if asked and WHEN asked, be honest and happy about it but don’t stay on the subject too long. And absolutely never give advice! Any sentence that starts with, “You should…” or “You need to…” is off limits.

When it’s time to eat together, absolutely eat your healthy foods. Also offer to share but if they’re not interested…leave it at that.

Let your loved one know, ever so often, that you are here for them if they want to join you on your journey to improved health. Also tell them that you believe in them. Don’t act like an expert or tell them what could happen if they don’t change their ways…just be there for them and encourage them when the talk does come up.

Bottom line, be consistent with YOUR goals but not in their face about it. Your results will quietly inspire them, if they don’t feel like your lifestyle is being pushed on them.

Your job is to be a humble example and an encouraging friend that does not judge or give advice. Always let them know you’re there for them, you believe in them and, no matter what, you love them!