Should You Eat Before a Workout?

Well before two weeks ago, I would have given you a resounding NO!

I’ve been doing fasted workouts for 18 years and attribute it to my lean physique. I know through all of my studies that you burn more fat when fasted and it also increases your levels of human growth hormone…which also increases fat burning. I’ve never struggled to stay lean.

I read a small study back in March, from the Department For Health, University Of Bath, United Kingdom, that proved that men who did not eat before breakfast burned more fat. The study also showed that exercising in a fasted state had a positive effect on their metabolism as well.

However, I was asked to be in a 90-day test group where the Celebrity Trainer, and friend of mine, asked me to follow her program to the “T.”

Of course I’m going to honor that request and so I’ve started to drink my Shakeology an hour before my workout instead of afterward.

Now it’s only been a week that I’ve done this but I know that this program is geared toward building a rounder booty and creating flatter abs. I don’t lack in the abs department but I always have when it comes to the booty. I swear I was dead last in line when they were passing those out!

So trusting Autumn like I promised I would, I would like to see if fueling my workout allows me to build bigger muscle mass in the areas that count!

Do you eat before or after workout to lose fat?

I have always treated myself like a guinea pig and have never tried to be closed minded about other schools of thought. Remember, I went vegan and raw in the name of science?! Maybe I’ll learn that if I have a fueled workout, instead of a fasted one, I might be able to build muscle in the areas that I haven’t been able to do in the past.

But in my own defense, I’ve never really tried… LOL! I’ve always said that I wanted a booty but I’ve never really taken any action steps, like squatting or using heavier weights, to actually achieve one. This girl loves cardio and body weight strength training.

Autumn has us lifting heavier weights then I’m used to, for sure, so I certainly have a sore backside. Stairs and the toilet are my enemies today! She is really emphasizing with us what is called, “Timed Nutrition.” Again, something that I’ve never studied or done myself.

So I will share with you, on this 3-month journey, my thoughts and the changes that I see.

I’m thinking without a shadow of a doubt, I will build my booty a bit because these workouts are intense and my body’s just not used to the heavier weights. But what will be interesting to see is if the fed workout and the meal timing agree with me and keep me looking as I do, help me look even better or possibly filling me out in ways I don’t want. I guess we’ll see…here’s to my next 80-Day Obsession!