21 Day Fix Workout Schedule

I know I have talked about the 21 Day Fix Program, and how its combination of exercise, nutrition, and portion control is super-easy to follow. Today, I want to elaborate on the exercise portion of the program, and I’m going to tell you what you can expect on each day of the 21 Day Fix workout schedule.  

Before I do a day-by-day breakdown, however, I want to remind you that Autumn Calabrese designed the exercises in the 21 Day Fix workout schedule in a specific order to maximize your progress over the 21 days. Therefore, it is essential to keep to the program as written.

One more thing: as you look at what each day’s exercise is, think about your general daily schedule. Make sure you start the program on a day that will allow your workout schedule to mesh efficiently with your every-day schedule.

In other words, you may not want to have your Cardio Fix day be the same day that you know is always busy at work. You want the schedule to compliment your everyday life. If both are harmonious, there will be less of a temptation to skip a workout.

Does all of that make sense?  Good. But enough with my warnings, let’s look at what you’ll be doing on your 21 Day Fix workout schedule.

Day One – Total Body Cardio Fix

This workout is designed to get your body ready for the activities you’ll be doing throughout the week. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a full-body cardio workout that will jumpstart your metabolism and keep your heart right up.

Day Two – Upper Fix

You’ll be working from the abs up during this routine. Your arms, chest, shoulders, and back will all get attention. For some extra burn, take Autumn’s advice and use light weights for this workout.

Day Three – Lower Fix or Barre Legs

After the previous day’s focus on your upper body, those muscles will need some time to recover. What better day to focus on your lower body? Every section of your legs from your glutes to your calves will get a workout. (This is one of the days that you can substitute workouts, depending on your preference)

Day Four – Pilates Fix or Flat Abs Fix

This is considered one of your “rest days.” If you notice, there are no official days off in the calendar. With a name like “21 Day Fix” that should be fairly obvious, right? But on this day, the focus on Pilates focuses on strengthening your core and stretching out your muscles.

Day Five – Cardio Fix

That’s it for the rest time. On day five, you’re right back into the swing with this Cardio workout. It’s different from the Total Body Cardio routine of the first day, so don’t worry about repetition.

Day Six – Dirty 30

The other exercise days aren’t easy by any stretch, but this one is no joke. Four rounds of exercises designed to burn fat fast. You’ll need tomorrow’s recovery program.

Day Seven – Yoga Fix

Yoga helps your muscles relax while improving your balance and flexibility. It’s the perfect workout to bring your mind and body into harmony at the end of the week. And boom – you’re done with the first seven days! It’s time to get ready to start over again with day one exercises on day eight.

A Final Word

While you can technically do all of the exercises on the 21 Day Fix workout schedule without extra equipment, you should have hand weights of various sizes, resistance bands, and a yoga mat if you want to maximize your results within the 21 days.

21 day fix workout schedule