Building a Beachbody Team

I’ve talked some about what it means to be a Beachbody Coach and explained the different levels of coaching. What I didn’t mention, because I want to emphasize it, is how vital a Beachbody Team is to the continued success of its members.

Who’s on the team?

Quick recap: once you become a Beachbody Coach, you start building your Team Beachbody. To reach Emerald ran status, you need to have two people become coaches with you as their mentor. The team grows exponentially from there, as more people complete a Beachbody program and decide they want to help others, thereby choosing to become coaches themselves.

It’s a pretty basic ladder, but as the saying goes, the ladder is only as sturdy as its weakest rung.

beachbody coach rank
Team Beachbody Ranks

Team Beachbody

Being a Beachbody Coach has helped me learn how to read people as they start their fitness journey. Sometimes it is very apparent that somebody will wash out or not give the proper time or commitment to the program. Other times, those signs can be more subtle.

And then there are the people who are ready to go, who welcome guidance and persevere through workouts with a 100% commitment to the program that is changing their lifestyle and enables them to be the healthiest they can be. Those are the people who will want to help others because their experience is life-changing.

Those are the people I want on my team. ~ Melissa McAllister

The Team

I’m looking for the next people who are committed to building their own business, including a team of their own, with the emphasis on loving to work with others helping them meet their goals. As a Beachbody team coach, I teach my team how to build their own team and share with them all my secrets to my successful business. It’s about giving and receiving support to team members as we climb that ladder. The higher each of goes, the higher the others are brought up as well. Which leads to a very essential point.

It’s All About Support

Building a Beachbody Team is about building a business, that is true. What is also true is that while doing so, I’m creating a group where people can rely on each other for the support that extends far beyond the “omg, what the heck was I thinking trying to do the Insanity program?!?”

A strong team becomes its own little family that shares the triumphs and tears of life experiences with each other. It may sound over the top, but really…who better to celebrate a life milestone with than the people who helped you to reach that milestone?

A good Beachbody Coach builds a Beachbody Team that will become lifelong friends and supporters, cheering each other along the way.

 Beachbody Team