The Beachbar :My Honest Opinion

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Today I wanted to talk with you about Beachbody’s new bar called the, are you ready for it, Beachbar. Please take a moment and watch the video above and you can learn all about Beachbody’s Newest Product line, which is sure to be a hit with the family.

Now I’ve had a lot of you come to me and ask my thoughts on the Beachbar, mostly because it does contain grains, and if you are following the MADE diet like of course I am or even Paleo, Grains are not something that you consume on a daily basis.

So for me, they will not be something that I have every day.  I will put it in my glove box, my carry on when I travel and maybe something that I will have in the house for guests.

Because just because I don’t eat grains doesn’t mean that everybody Iknow doesn’t eat grains. I think it is a great alternative if there’s nothing else around. I would so rather you have a beachbar than to go through a drive-thru or to grab a bag of chips. They are very clean and to have grains on occasion is gonna be ok. so I would love for you to look in to them,because I do think they are going to be a great alternative to a bar you are eating now or if you know that there are times when you get in that predicament when you don’t know what to eat that you know you’ve got something on your hands that you know is 100% all natural and its gonna feed your body and its good for you too.

Overall thoughts on the Beachbar

While it won’t fit into my diet, it will be a treat I’ll have now and again and have them on hand for travel and emergencies!