What is the Best Bread to Eat?

If you’re going to eat bread because as far as you’re concerned life is not worth living without it, then what is the best bread to eat?

From a lot of the studies I have been doing lately on grains, there are certain ways to minimize the negative effects that they have on your digestive tract.

Let me surprise you by telling you that I’m not going to say whole wheat bread. GASP! Let me explain:

Lectins are the reason that I don’t eat grains at all. The most infamous lectin is gluten… I know you have heard all about that and are probably on a gluten-free diet yourself. But it is only 1 of almost two dozen lectins. Gluten-free does not mean grain free.

Lectin is a protein that is found in both plants and animals. As far as plants go, they use them to defend themselves against their long-standing battle with bugs and animals. Lectins kill or make bugs and animals feel very sick. It’s their job to do so.

Lectins have been referred to as a sticky protein because of their binding process. They bind to sugar molecules in the gut, between nerve endings, the brain, your joints and your blood vessel lining. Simply put, they interrupt messaging between cells. If you’ve ever felt a brain fog, you can most likely blame lectins.

The hull of whole grains is where most of the lectins are found. If you’ve ever scratched your head wondering why traditional Asian and European people don’t have the epidemics that we do… It’s because they eat white rice and white bread…not brown. So does that mean white is the best bread?

Refined grains are easier on the gut because they are lower in lectin content. They are also lower in fiber but if you know me I always tell you to get your fiber from your vegetables, not from grains or legumes.

Remember, I do not eat grains and especially bread. In today’s mass producing ways, companies make food as cheap as they can so the process of refining grains Involves chemical processes that are just as bad for you as the lectins you’ll find in whole grains. You can’t win for losing and why I just live happily without them. For me there really isn’t the best bread – but I know bread is something that a lot of people just won’t go without.

So, to keep this blog from being 10 pages long, let me just cut to the chase. Most companies that make bread don’t use yeast anymore. Yeast is a good thing but what most American companies are using is a cheaper product called transglutaminase, which is also a binding agent.

When yeast is used to ferment, it destroys lectins and eats some of the sugar. Transglutaminase does not.

Transglutaminase can pass the blood-brain barrier which makes it very harmful to us. It can also be responsible for a condition called gluten ataxia, which is very similar to Parkinson’s disease. But of course, transglutaminase Is FDA approved and does not need to appear on your food labels so don’t go looking for it.

Which is the Best Bread?

So do you have any guesses on which bread I would most prefer you reach for? It’s sourdough. The beauty of sourdough is that it will not spike your blood sugar near as much and the yeast “eats“ the lectins too.

So, if you must have bread, find yourself a real bakery owned by a sweet old French lady who makes it the traditional way and ask for sourdough. Your gut will certainly thank you!

Oh, and then go to the open market next door and buy a boatload of vegetables!😉