Is Kombucha Good for You? You’d Better Believe It!

Are you interested in the “kombucha” trend picking up steam, and wondering, is kombucha good for you??

I’ve compiled a bunch of resources to answer that question, but also other questions you might have like how it can fit into a higher-fat lower-carb diet, and how you can brew your own to save on $$!

What is kombucha?

Basically, you start out with some green tea or black tea, that’s piping hot with sugar! For a lot of us, that’s where we stop, and that’s fine, because we all know how great antioxidants are.

But what if you took it a step further by adding good bacteria?

Kombucha is made using a “SCOBY,” which is basically a bacteria and yeast colony, that looks like a beige Jell-O disc. That may not sound like the most appetizing thing ever, but that good gut bacteria will get to work right away on the flora of your digestive system, which is actually one of the most sensitive and major influences on your health!

You might not have heard a ton about probiotics outside of “eat yogurt because it balances your gut”! That’s true, but if you’re not eating dairy, then kombucha is a great option: very low in calories, sodium, and carbs, while also containing B vitamins and the aforementioned antioxidants.

I mentioned probiotics in a blog about a year ago, but now I’m really examining their role in a healthy diet on a deeper level…and also enjoying some delicious kombucha!

So, why do we need probiotics? Why is kombucha good for you?

Remember that humans are basically big walking blobs of bacteria and other microbes. We have 10x more microbes than we do regular old cells, meaning, we’re more microbe than we are human!

So the balance of good and bad bacteria in the diet is extremely important, even if it’s not something that most diet plans consider.

…But I think it’s time for them to start considering it.

“Good bacteria”…is something we already have in our stomachs. But, studies show that when we eat poorly, don’t get enough sleep, and get stressed out, our bad bacteria tends to outnumber the good. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means our digestive/GI system and immune system can’t do their jobs properly.

That can lead to problems from abdominal pain to more series issues like fatty liver disease, IBS, and ulcerative colitis.

And good bacteria isn’t only good for preventing diseases.

By restoring gut balance through consuming good bacteria, studies show we can reduce cravings for junk food! So, why is kombucha good for you? In part, because it keeps you from eating things that are bad for you!

Plus, keeping the right microbial balance in our stomachs = a balanced and stable immune system. You know what that means — reduced risk of autoimmune disorders!

One solution for restoring the balance, of course, is eating healthy, sleeping, meditation, relaxation, etc., but we can’t be 100% perfect on all of those all the time!

So if there’s a quick solution to boost the amount of healthy Bifidobacteria in your colon, or the healthy Lactobacillus bacteria, which stabilizes blood sugar…why wouldn’t you? If you’re wondering “is kombucha good for you,” then you should know now that the answer is a resounding yes. Like I said, balancing the gut bacteria is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of living a long and healthy life. You’ve got a whole, delicate ecosystem in there…It’s time to start helping it out with probiotics like kombucha, or kefir, or yogurt.

Last but not least…

I’d like to hear if I have any “booch buddies” out there, so please let me know!! (“Booch” is what the cool kids call kombucha!)

Have you tried kombucha? If you have, how do you like the taste, and which brands/flavors are your favorite? Or maybe you’re even thinking about brewing your own from home (full guide here), to save money?

I want to hear your thoughts, especially if you feel like kombucha, or other sources of live probiotics, improved your health!



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