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80 Day Obsession LIIFT 4 Hybrid – A Marriage Made For The Adventurous

If you loved 80 Day Obsession and LIIFT 4, or even if you haven’t found time to do both of these work out programs, there is the 80 Day Obsession LIIFT 4 Hybrid. That’s right, Beachbody trainers and coaches get creative and they created a hybrid version of the two programs to optimize max results […]

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What is a Challenge Group?

Have you seen on any of your social media platform a post or video asking you to become a fitness challenge group? Maybe you just glanced at it and didn’t have the time to investigate further. There are several good reasons a fitness challenge group would be great to join. Before I share you some […]

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Want Results Follow The 80 Day Obsession Nutrition Plan

When Autumn Calabrese designed 80 Day Obsession Nutrition Plan she made sure that the workouts and the meal nutrition program would target fat loss, getting flat and defined abs and firming and sculpting your booty. Looking at the before pictures of those that have done the Entire 80 Day Obsession Workout Program shows proof that […]

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Is Factory Farming Bad? What Meat Should I Eat?

factory farming

You’ve probably heard that factory farming makes animals sick… So it’s bad for you too, right? What exactly defines “factory farming,” and is it DEFINITELY bad for animals and for the humans who consume them? Factory farms are a sensitive topic with a lot of broader ethical implications, so for today’s post, I just want […]

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How Do I Sleep Better at Night? Exercise is the Key!

sleep better at night

Some of us sleep better at night than others. As it turns out, exercise plays a big role in that! It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that exercise helps your sleep patterns, gets you to sleep faster, and…exercise even helps you get deeper, more restful sleep by resetting your sleep cycles! I mean, it doesn’t […]

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Shift Shop Meal Plan – Eat to Live

Beachbody instructor Chris Downing created Shift Shop to mimic a boot camp. As a result, the program (including the nutritional guide) is put together not just to lose weight but also to create a healthier eating style that you can continue long after you’ve finished the program itself. The Shift Shop Meal Plan has a […]

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