Keto Smoothie Recipes: How Do You Lose the Sugar, but Keep the Sweet?

Do you love smoothies as much as I do? Are you running out of high-fat low-carb options? I’ve got your keto smoothie recipes right here!

keto smoothie recipes


Let’s say you grab a smoothie that SOUNDS healthy, like a strawberry banana smoothie, while you’re on the go. Let’s say it’s from McDonalds…

Well, I’m sorry to tell you (although, you’re not gonna be surprised!) that even the small smoothie has you gulping down 50 grams of carbs, and uses “low-fat” yogurt. (For more info on how low-fat is a dangerous scam, read my article here!)

If you want to make a truly healthy smoothie, you’ve gotta do it yourself. You’re more likely to catch me drinking Energize with BCAAs, but I love a good strawberry avocado smoothie!!

Smooth Moves

If you want to drink a healthy keto smoothie every morning for breakfast (or, whenever you break your fast!) the key is to keep things exciting. Chocolate, peanut butter, maca, strawberry, blueberry, cacao nibs, matcha, coconut, acai…Hungry yet? Curious? Interested? All of the above?

Well, that’s great! Because a lot of us doing keto tend to write off smoothies as too carb-heavy. After all, just one cup of blueberries has 21 g of carbs, a cup of strawberries has 11. Other smoothie staples like mangoes (28 g), bananas (27 g) and pineapples (22 g) are pretty heavy on the carbs as well.

But one of the main perks of keto is getting to eat tasty stuff, without even thinking about how healthy you’re being! Right?

Yes! The trick is to “hide” the healthy fats in your smoothie — like this keto brownie recipe, which combines cocoa powder and PB with avocado, and the final product just tastes like chocolate-y, fudgy, gooey heaven…You can apply the same logic here, and enjoy an icy refreshing smoothie while still staying in ketosis!

Chocolate + Greens



Continuing with the “hide the healthy underneath the chocolate taste” theme…all you really need is 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to “cancel out” the taste of every cup of leafy greens like spinach or kale.

Try Chocolate Raspberry Spinach or Chocolate Green keto smoothie recipes (which says in the blending instructions, “The smoother you can get the texture, the more you can fool your children”! Funny but true!).

Many of you already like your leafy greens by themselves, and that’s great! But if you can satisfy your sweet tooth and eat some dense nutrition at the same time? It almost feels like cheating, doesn’t it? But that’s the idea behind Shakeology!

Adding in Superfoods

Shakeology has flax, maca root, pomegranate, moringa, a TON of superfoods packed inside! These superfoods not only give you all your daily vitamins, and antioxidants for longevity and preventing disease/damage…but they also will help prevent you from getting hungry later.

Want to experiment with superfoods in keto smoothie recipes by yourself?

My article here is all about how easy it is to add superfoods to what you’re cooking…or drinking. I know that adding hemp seeds, chia seeds, or algae might SEEM like it would mess with your smoothie’s texture, but like we said above, you just have to make sure it’s blended properly!! Get it super smooth, drink, and enjoy the immune system boost…again, you secretly get health benefits, without tasting anything but berries and chocolate!


What if you’re not a fan of drinking your meal?

You can still have a keto smoothie, no problem! Just move it to a bowl, with some nuts and seeds over the top, just like it was yogurt or muesli!! Wholesome Yum talks about giving your smoothie a thicker consistency with awesome keto-friendy add-ins like keto collagen, coconut cream, and MCT oil, so that it makes more sense to put it in a bowl than to drink.


Collagen protein


Personally, I like drinking my smoothies, but it’s a good breakfast idea to “mix” things up in your routine!

Are you a dedicated smoothie drinker, or are smoothies and shakes not your thing? Do you “mask” the taste of leafy greens in your smoothie, or do you like it? Do you put in a heap of keto collagen or other add-ins?

I’d love some tips from you guys, so come on and share your very best keto smoothie recipes (or smoothie bowl recipes)!




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