How to Become More Extroverted…Is It Even Possible for an Introvert?

Some of us who consider ourselves introverts wonder how to become more extroverted.

“Introverts” vs. “extroverts”…this way of dividing people up has gotten pretty popular in the last few years. The truth is actually a bit more complicated — you can’t really divide everyone up into Type A and B, Felix or Oscar, extrovert and introvert.

That said…I myself will raise my hand and say, “I’m an introvert!”

You see introverts getting a lot of hate: “Why are you so shy?” “Why don’t you want to go out tonight?”

The truth is, most people talk about introverts and extroverts without TRULY understanding the concept. The pop-psychology version is that introverts are shy and extroverts are outgoing. And, true, for many of us that is the case!

But actually, being an introvert means you get drained by not having enough alone time. After a party, your “batteries are low” and you need a break to relax and regroup by yourself.

Now, extroverts are never gonna understand this, because their batteries are recharged by being around other people, and they feel drained when they spend too much time alone without a social fix!

It’s all about how you get ENERGY…do you get energy from being around people or from being alone?

I wanted to clear up the definitions because I think it’s important to know exactly what these things mean, in order to answer the question, WHY are we like this? And if an introvert is wondering how to become more extroverted…is it even possible?

So, I’m just going to go ahead and give it to you straight: you CAN’T change from being an introvert to an extrovert, or vice-versa. It’s part of who you are…part of your DNA.

A study done in the 1970s concluded that introvert brains and extrovert brains have differently structured reward centers in their brains. Another study, done more recently, agreed that people who called themselves introverts tend to make more adrenaline and other stimulating hormones than extroverts. Thus, extroverts seek out more stimulation from others, while introverts will get overstimulated.

I never knew that this was scientifically proven until researching into it!

But “unfortunately,” it does seem to mean that you’re not going to be able to flip your type. I put “unfortunately” in quotes because…

I’m living proof you don’t have to know “how to become more extroverted”…Introverts can still do great things, and honestly, I’m proud to be an introvert! I’m proud to take time to myself when I need it…After all, Albert Einstein was an introvert, and they say that’s how he got his best thinking done. 😉

The key is that, even if you’ll always be an introvert and you’ll always need your alone time, you have to also DO THINGS THAT SCARE YOU, and push yourself…Whether that’s speaking in front of a crowd like I do at conferences, or it’s going to a party or an event, or it’s making a career leap that will require talking to lots of people all the time, ex. Beachbody…!

You just have to muster up the courage and do it. There’s really no secret answer, except to stop self-sabotaging, and to believe in yourself…your special, unique introvert self that the world needs to hear from.


Netflix and a good book will always be right around the corner, in the background of you achieving your dreams!

But I’d like to hear your perspective! Do you agree with me that “how to become more extroverted” is a silly and impossible thing to wonder?

And, are YOU an introvert or an extrovert…or somewhere in between? Comment below!



Business Insider