Tea to Lose Weight?…NOPE! I “Spill the Tea” on Laxatives

I’ll cut right to the chase: “Fit Tea,” “SkinnyTea,” “Detox Tea,” “tea to lose weight”…Whatever you call it, it’s BS!!

I know you’ve seen “Fit Tea” all over Instagram. Kylie Jenner, the Kardashians, even Cardi B are getting paid to promote these weight loss teas.

(I guess you could call them celebri-teas…OK, I’m sorry for that one.)

And I totally understand how somebody could get roped into trying this stuff. You look at the ingredients list and it’s all natural! Green tea…ginger…garcinia cambogia…

Wait a minute. One of these things is not like the other!! In fact, Fit Tea was legally obligated to admit that there is “limited evidence” that this fruit extract is safe.

“Um, but Melissa, it’s a fruit extract. Fruits help you poop!!” Sounds like it checks out, right?

OK, think of it this way. You’re always hearing about the benefits of fruits like blueberries and avocados, right? That’s because they’re ACTUALLY healthy and the medical community agrees. But you probably haven’t heard of this “garcinia cambogia,” a type of tamarind…I wonder why?

Is it because this is the Kardashians’ secret to eternal life? And they have just now decided to share this classified info with us mere mortals?

I’m sure you can tell by my tone that I’m skeptical…;)



So of course, I always do my research before just slamming (or promoting) a product, and that’s what I did here.

So can you drink detox tea to lose weight? Here’s what I found out…

First off, there are claims that the fruit extract I mentioned makes it easier for your body to use up glucose, and thus start burning fat easier…You guys all know I am all about using up your glycogen stores, and using methods that WORK to keep off belly fat (a high-fat diet, and intermittent fasting).

But with this garcinia stuff, the Journal of Obesity did a study that found, subjects who took it only lost 2 pounds more than subjects who didn’t, over a period of months. Also, they reported being dizzy, puking, and having diarrhea. WAY MORE IMPORTANTLY, the FDA warned way back in 2009 about this stuff causing liver problems.



Soooo…why and how are these celebrities still out there promoting this stuff, without even asking themselves, is “tea to lose weight” SAFE?

Well, #NotAllCelebrities!

If you’ve been watching NBC’s The Good Place you may know of the actress Jameela Jamil, who has always been against unhealthy weight loss, and the celebs who shill these products. A couple weeks ago she tweeted that she hopes “these celebrities all sh*t themselves in public”…which…she said it, not me…

But, LOL!

Jameela, a woman after my own heart, says if you want to lose weight, the best way is to eat your veggies.

(And of course, I would add, nourish your body with the essential amino acids found in high-fat foods!).

And she also points out: these celebs don’t really USE the products themselves. I’m sure the Kardashians don’t drink a special detox tea to lose weight, or take shady weight loss pills.

They have professional nutritionists and personal trainers!!

I know almost nobody can afford that. But in the meantime, I’M here to help you, with only the diet, exercise, and products that work for me. Get in touch and I’ll be glad to tell you more!


Also feel free to share your BAD experiences with laxative products in the comments below…or not…;)