LIIFT 4 VS 80 Day Obsession – Decisions Decisions

You have been contemplating over LIIFT4 VS 80 Day Obsession and wonder which is best to try first?  There is no easy answer for me to give you, both are amazing program and made for you to lose fat, and inches, tone, and shred.  The answer lies within you the individual and your preferences.  

Here is the lowdown on what you can expect to experience from each workout program.

What is LIIFT 4

LIIFT 4 is an exclusive program you can’t get this on DVD, it is only available on Beachbody On Demand.

This workout program combines strength and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  Your trainer, Joel Freeman, provides you with a challenging workout using classic, simple strength moves that isolates and targets each muscle group to get you shredded.  

Workout Duration

Your workouts are 4 days a week of strength and cardio. There are  3 Recovery days to help your muscles repair and not over train. These workouts last 30 – 40 minutes for 8 weeks.

The first 6 weeks the focus is on building lean muscle and mixing in HIIT.  Last two weeks, get ready to GET SHREDDED. You will increase your HIIT training and the workouts increase to 40 minutes.

Who will Love  LIIft 4

  • Woman needing to tone up and get a sculpted body
  • Men looking to build mass and get ripped
  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Love tough workouts 


3 sets of barbells (light, medium, heavy) or use resistance bands instead.  Resistance bands are easier to travel with.

Meal Plan

You can use the 21 days fix portion control containers.  You will be eating 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% healthy fats.

Included in this meal plan is 1 day off to indulge yourself on your favorite foods and drinks.

What is 80 Day Obsession

This program is designed to lift your butt, sculpt your core and get a total body transformation with 80 unique’ real-time workouts.  Expect to lose inches, fat, tone and sculpt. 

Autumn Calabrese is your trainer and she uses her extensive knowledge of fitness to create new moves that incorporate weights, loops, and slides.  These moves are challenging and you probably have never seen before. The compounded movements will test your strength, endurance, and balance.  

Workout Duration

The 80 Day Obsession is broken into 3 phases for 30 – 60 minutes, 6 days a week.

Phase 1: (Days 1 – 26) – You will focus on building up strength and consistency of good form for max results.

Phase 2 : (Days 27-50) – Now you are adding compound moves and weights in the series.  

Phase 3: (Days 51-74) – This is the intense phase by mixing plyo moves to compound exercises learned in Phase 2.

Peak Week: (Days 75-80) – This is an optional week you can do for you last week.  This will help you see more definition in your body.

Who will Love 80 Day Obsession

  • Intermediate to Advanced 
  • Woman wanting to add curves without bulking up
  • Anyone wanting flat abs
  • Anyone that loves extreme workouts


Dumbbells, Strength Slides,3 Resistance Loops

Meal Plan

The meal plan is program down into 3 steps.  

  1. You will need to first calculate your calories to know which plan you fall into.  Once you calculate your numbers you will choose the plan that falls into your calorie target.
  2. Time Nutrition using portion fix containers.
  3. Eat Small Meals 5-6 times a day.

LIIFT 4 VS 80 Day Obsession

Comparing these two programs have both similar strengths and amazing results.  That being said, they both have very different approaches and disciplines. It is up to you to decide what fits you as an individual.  Give one a try, or both a try. Let me hear from you what is your experience and results with these two workout programs.

liift4 vs 80 day obsession

liift4 vs 80 day obsession liift4 vs 80 day obsession liift4 vs 80 day obsession liift4 vs 80 day obsession