Dessert Hummus: Fad or Forever??

If I say “dessert hummus,” what’s your “gut” reaction?

Is it…”Yum! Sounds healthy and delicious!”

Or is it, “Oh wow, that sounds like the most disgusting thing ever, along the lines of fruitcake!!”

Either way, for whatever reason, Facebook has been spamming ME with sponsored ads about a particular hummus company that was featured on Shark Tank, something called “Delighted by Hummus.” So if you’re not exactly “delighted” by hummus in the first place, could dessert hummus¬†ever be the right healthy snack for you?

Honestly, it sounds like a brilliant idea to me!! Hummus has such a nice, smooth texture anyway. I for one am a huge fan of AVOCADO HUMMUS!

So just add some cinnamon, natural sugar, vanilla beans, and coconut oil to make the TASTE match the heavenly TEXTURE!

As we know from V8 Fruit Juice (even though I personally wouldn’t drink that much fruit), it’s possible to mask the taste of something, to make it sweeter.

To me, this idea of “dessert hummus” is similar to that “futuristic” idea of eating broccoli and taking a pill to make it taste like candy. In fact, I know they already have something like that…Those “mBerry” tablets that somehow mess with your tastebuds and make sour foods taste sweet. Although I’ve never tried anything like that, and don’t plan on it. ūüėČ

But I get it, maybe you’ve just never been able to get on board with hummus. Or maybe you’re so used to your garlic or hot pepper flavored hummus, that now, the idea of¬†dessert hummus¬†crosses some wires in your brain…

You wanna know what REALLY made me want to write this article, though?? The cynical people I saw in the comments section on Facebook who were saying, “There’s no way this is possible. Healthy can’t be tasty. There’s no such thing as a healthy dessert, it’s too good to be true.”

Um, NO! I would know, I have lots of blog posts on the subject of healthy low-carb desserts!!

If avocado in your smoothie…or monk fruit sugar…sounds GROSS to you, maybe you just need to TRY before you JUDGE!

I think one idea we need to get rid of right the heck now is, that healthy can’t be tasty.

That if you’re¬†enjoying your food, you must somehow be not a “real” health devotee, and you’re “cheating.” I say, especially because of how delicious Shakeo is, it’s in no way cheating to spend time¬†finding food that is both HEALTHY and TASTES GREAT! It’s not a contradiction!

But, that person who’s out there chewing their plain kale with nothing else…or even the person who tried the wrong “healthy desserts” and hated them…might be jealous of the fact that people have found tasty, healthy foods/desserts…Some of these desserts are great and some are awful, it’s just the way it is!!

Personal note: I tried “egg free” cookie dough once and it tasted like vanilla extract to me…EYECH! So there are definitely gross “healthy dessert” options out there.¬†I look forward to trying dessert hummus, or even making my own, and forming an opinion for myself. ūüėČ

Have you tasted dessert hummus yet?

Or, what are the worst/best “healthy desserts” you’ve tried or baked??