Put Collagen Powder in Your Coffee!


Heard about collagen powder? I’m so excited about this supplement because it’s pretty NEW to the scene and yet there’s a growing body of research about how this powder can pretty much singlehandedly keep you young and healthy!

All ya gotta do is add it to your coffee.


(First things first: if you’re wondering whether collagen powder in your coffee will break a fast, the medical community is MIXED. Since it’s protein, I would say it does break your fast. I save this stuff for my 11 AM coffee. 😉)


It seems like nowadays, people are adding powder to everything!

Powder to their coffee…their yogurt or oatmeal…their smoothies (of course) even getting a little more creative and mixing it into pancakes and soups and homemade pizza crust! But whether you’re putting MCT oil powder in your coffee, or adding fiber powder to your homemade guac, you’ve probably put some thought into WHICH powder you add.

I have another powder for you. And I don’t just want you to put this on your radar, but it should go to the absolute top of your list: collagen powder!

You probably know it as the stuff they put in anti-aging creams. It’s is actually a whole lot more than that…it’s a PROTEIN that makes up about 80% of your skin, and it’s also tissue that glues your whole body together! So obviously, super important, and you can imagine how keeps your skin looking young and fresh.

So does that mean you should rush to buy a tub of the powder (usually obtained from cows or fish)?

I know this powder has been all over Instagram lately, and that that’s a red flag in some people’s minds. But unlike diet pills and other gimmicks, powdered collagen actually has a lot of studies backing up a myriad of awesome health effects!

First things first, I want to clear up why you need to get collagen in POWDER form, not just simple pills or smearing it on the surface of your skin through anti-aging creams.

The thing is, by smearing collagen cream on your skin, you of course aren’t digesting it and getting it into your bloodstream. And collagen pills, like most vitamins, may not be absorbed well by the body and may just pass right through.

But powdered collagen is hydrolyzed, meaning the protein is broken down into amino acids, so once you put it in your coffee, or in your smoothie, or your low-carb brownie batter 😉, it’s all ready for your body to use/absorb.

And don’t worry whether collagen is safe — you actually eat a good amount of collagen already. Like, when you eat a steak, it has collagen in it because animals are just like us…i.e. collagen is the glue that holds their bodies together, too. But, when you’re eating a steak it’s of course not raw, and it’s not broken down into amino acids, so you don’t get the same benefits you would from the pure collagen peptides from collagen powder. But you do want to make sure that if you start consuming collagen powder, your animal source is grass-fed. I always get grass-fed, pasture-raised beef!

So last but certainly not least, why do you want to be dumping this stuff in your coffee in the first place? Does it work?

There are actually TONS of recent studies backing up the benefits of collagen in powder form.

From studies showing it helps alleviate pain and inflammation, grows your muscles, and DOES make you look younger — check out the results of that study, it’s interesting — I’m happy to add a bit of collagen powder the same way I would add regular protein powder to anything, gain more muscle and lose more fat, stave off pain, and keep lookin’ young! 😉