“Millionaire Fastlane” Review: Does This Book Have the Secret?

I just read the book Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco! His story is pretty similar to mine…

By now many of you know my story of incredible success through Beachbody that allows me the freedom and flexibility to do what I want when I want. So maybe you’re wondering what my Millionaire Fastlane review is! Will this book help you do the same?



After all, “self-help books” are a dime a dozen nowadays, especially ones about “getting rich quick.”
And at this point it seems like everything that can be said on that subject has already been said, and other authors are just repeating the same old unoriginal stuff!!
Because, like MJ says in the book, there is a traditional way to become a millionaire that we all know…the method that gurus like Dave Ramsey preach. This method is all well and good but also slowwww:
Work till you’re 65 and hope that the money in your 401k…and otherwise saved and invested over the years…amounts to a cool million or more. Then you can comfortably retire and you can call yourself a millionaire!
But that’s not what we all think of when we think of the word “millionaire,” right?
We think about the people who can take those dream vacations a little earlier, when they can go backpacking and scuba diving instead of just taking a cruise…In order to do that, you have to take a shortcut, a “fastlane.”
Sound dangerous? I thought so at first too. At first my Millionaire Fastlane review was going to be that the “fastlane” is too risky…I’m a Dave Ramsey fan and I’ve always been an advocate of careful budgeting, planning, saving, etc.
Dave Ramsey’s 6 step program to becoming a millionaire: Get rid of all your debt by putting it in order of importance (get rid of a car if you can’t make the payments, etc.)…then you build up a rainy day fund. Then you start investing. And so on, the slow march to millionaire-dom. 😉
All that is great, but like the Millionaire Fastlane author MJ points out…
(And this is gonna sound obvious, but when you really think about it hard, it feels like an epiphany), the traditional route of retiring at 65 isn’t going to help you accomplish your true, wild, secret, heart-of-heart DREAMS!!
Now, the author does kind of phrase it as if you should just quit your job tomorrow, and get busy turning your actual dreams into a living, before it’s too late.
And I don’t think that’s fair to people who have their family relying on them to keep making money, even if it’s the slow lane and not the fast lane!!
But I also think that MJ’s GENERAL thoughts about finance and life are awesome, so overall, my Millionaire Fastlane review is that you should definitely read it and take notes!
His general advice is that, if you do the same thing over and over, then you’ll get the same results over and over.
Whether that’s punching the clock every day, not trying to find new ways to follow your passion on the side…nothing will CHANGE if you don’t make a change!!
And why aren’t you? Is fear paralyzing you and that’s what making you unable to take the leap and start your own business, or start that new college degree, or taking on a real estate venture…Whatever it is that reflects your true financial dreams?
Well, my Millionaire Fastlane review is: this book has just the right amount of motivational stuff, humor, snark, and TOUGH LOVE to get you to question your “life in the slow lane.”

If you’re instead interested in pursuing a career that you could start doing on the side and build up from there, then I would certainly love to tell you more about my team!