Introducing The Cast Members of Morning Meltdown 100 & Jericho McMatthews

It’s on the latest Morning Meltdown 100 is gearing up to be released this fall.   A new 100 day morning workout created by Jerico McMatthews. One of the things I did was trying to learn about the cast members of Morning Meltdown 100.

It’s always nice to connect not only with the trainer of the program but also the cast members, that way when I am grooving with the music and working out, I feel like I can connect with the overall vibe of the program by knowing a bit about the cast members.

There are a total of 10 cast members, 4 men and 6 women, not including Jericho or the Music Live DJ.  Check out this cast member videos to learn their names and catch their vibe.

Cast Members Name

Dustin, Siena , Courtney, Cache also knowns as Wild Child, Dane, Kenny, Deja, Val, Steffanie and Pete.

What’s interesting is that I can’t really find out much about who they are, so I can only imagine as I am working out with them that they must be going through and thinking the same thing I am.  Committed to creating a morning routine and taking care of myself before I start my workday.

I wonder what made them so interesting that they were picked to be in this awesome video work out program.

Stay Tuned, there is more rolling out on this program and I hope with it comes a few stories about the cast and shooting the video.

I invite all of you to check out this new workout program and follow for 100 days. Like to know how? Just ask me and I will get you going!

Cast members of Morning Meltdown 100

Cast members of Morning Meltdown 100