How to Get a Bigger Butt, Fast!! Is it All in the Squats?

Pretty much everybody these days is wondering how to get a bigger butt FAST…

And if you’re Googling that I don’t doubt it’s due to somebody’s rude comment on your backside “pancake”! 😬

I totally understand what you’re going through, girl! (Or guy?) I used to have a FLAT derriere because for nearly 20 years, I was a “cardio queen!” I didn’t like lifting weights so I thought “cardio booty” was just one of those inevitable things I’d have to live with forever, even if I hated how it looked.

And that’s the problem for a lot of people, I think — cardio programs, especially group programs, are just more FUN than endless suitcase squats and side squats by yourself to build up that booty!

But you want to know what? The solution is right was right in front of you this whole time!

(Or should I say “behind” you…?)

Because, there are many fun cardio workouts you can do at home that DO purposely focus on the booty!

For me, the kick I needed to get my butt in gear happened a couple years ago, when I got asked to be in a test group for the program 80 Day Obsession. and I thought…why not? I was craving a new challenge. I honestly didn’t have the highest hopes the it would well and truly give me a butt, “BUT” I want to stress that DIET was equally important for me, while doing the workouts too, to get a booty!!

A couple years ago was when I’d say I FIRST became really committed to the MADE Diet and proving it right more and more every day…and that’s when I started noticing those glute changes too!! Coincidence, I think not…

I wanted to dispel the myth that you can’t build muscle while eating lower carb, because too many people wrongly believe that you have to “feed” your muscle SO MUCH glycogen (stored sugar) to get it to grow. Glycogen fueling is the common way cardio buffs think…that you gotta eat carbs for energy, and that’s just not true!

And it’s not true for gaining a booty either! 😉

So here was my progress a bit over a year ago, from 1.5 rounds of 80 Day Obsession with fewer carbs and almost no sugar:

But that was then, and now I’ve actually moved on to many other workout programs to help bolster the booty! (And yes, they’re still at-home workouts!)

And I’m still focused on that other very necessary component for a booty: a great high-fat, low-carb diet — again, boosting glute muscles!

I’ve actually got an 8-week program starting VERY SOON called “The FUNdaMENTAL Approach.” Myself and Dr. Lauren Fitzgerald collaborated on this project and I’m excited to show you what a fitness guru and medical guru can come up with together.

Even if you’re only interested in growing the booty, and not so much in all other aspects of fitness, you will learn SO MUCH about health and muscle during this program.

Which, yes, means booty gains too…😉

Does FUNdaMENTAL sound exactly like the 8-week-boot-camp BOOST you’ve been looking for? Then, do yourself a huge favor and don’t miss this opportunity, from June 17 to August 12.

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