80 Day Obsession Calendar Variety For Your Workout

Beachbody is always trying to find new ways to engage people in a healthier lifestyle. Last year, they hit upon an innovative solution to the common excuse of “I get bored of the same routines every week.” Boredom meet 80 Day Obsession!  Now Let’s look at their 80 Day Obsession Calendar so you can add a little variety into your schedule.

How does the 80 Day Obsession calendar work?

80 Day Obsession is a program of 80 different workouts. Yes, you read that right…a varied workout schedule for every day of exercise, so you’ll never repeat! There are six types of workouts covering the usual areas

·        Total Body Core

·        Booty

·        Cardio Core

·        AAA (Arms, Abs, and A**)

·        Legs

·        Cardio Flow

There are three phases, with six days of workouts and one day of rest – the 80 days obsession calendar covers 91 days. Three months of exercise to get lean and healthy.

Phase One

During this first phase, workouts run from 30-60 minutes each.  The type of exercise you will do remains the same on each day of the week, following the list above. So, Mondays you’ll work on total body core, Tuesdays will focus on the booty, etc.

Phase Two

Now that the first month is out of the way, you’ll be ready to kick it up a notch. Individual workouts last from 40-60 minutes but follow the same sort of schedule. However, you’ll mix it up with the schedule. So, you’ll do AAA on Fridays instead of on Thursday as in Phase One. The variety will keep your body and mind from falling into a rut and keep that boredom at bay.

Refeed Days

In Phase Two you will also have two refeed days (both on a Wednesday). As with all Beachbody exercise plans, you’ll have a nutritional guide to follow throughout the program. The refeed days are designed to give you a bump of carbs (waffles, white pasta, etc.) that will refuel your body. They’re not total cheat days, but they do feel like it, especially if you’ve been following the guide faithfully.

Phase Three

In this final phase, you’ll continue the same patterns as in the first two, again changing up what days you complete each type of workout (i.e., AAA moves to Mondays). You also get another couple of Refeed Days.

Peak Week

The final week of the 80 Day Obsession Calendar is Peak Week. It mixes workouts from the three phases designed to illustrate just how far your hard work has brought you to this point.

A Final Word

80 Day Obsession is an intense workout and recommended for people who are at the high-intermediate to advanced levels of exercise. If you’re unsure about your fitness level, you could check out A Little Obsessed first. Remember, you don’t want to burn yourself out too fast.

Also, since each daily workout in the 80 Day Obsession Calendar was originally live, it can only be accessed on Beachbody on Demand (there are no DVDs of it). But if you want a program that will help you track your weight loss while gaining muscle and strength, you should take a closer look at the 80 Day Obsession Calendar.  

Click below for your printable 80 day obsession calendar

80 day obsession calendar