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Is HIIT Better Than Cardio, Weights, and…Everything Else?

Is Intermittent Fasting a Diet…or a Disorder? As you probably know, millions of people suffer from eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. But I myself have been accused of having […]

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Cold Pressed Green Tea Health Benefits: GUT Health! ☕️

green tea health benefits

I know I’ve talked about the importance of a healthy gut before, but I truly think that scientists will soon discover that basically all disease starts in the gut. Lucky […]

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Keanu, Kindness, and How to Make Friends as An Introvert

how to make friends as an introvert

Keanu Reeves…whether you love him, hate him, or don’t know of him…you SHOULD know he’s a great example of how to make friends as an introvert! The YouTube channel “Charisma […]

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A New Facelift For Fix 21 Day Meal Program Now The “Ultimate Portion Fix Program”

Fix 21 Meal Program just got a new facelift and has a new label “Ultimate Portion Fix Program”.  You still use the colored containers for portion control. Something that everyone […]

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