Cold Pressed Green Tea Health Benefits: GUT Health! ☕️

I know I’ve talked about the importance of a healthy gut before, but I truly think that scientists will soon discover that basically all disease starts in the gut. Lucky for you, a great gut is one of many GREEN TEA health benefits.

green tea health benefits
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Yep, that’s right! Green tea contains polyphenols, which are micronutrients from plant-based foods that FEED good bacteria in the gut.

OK, but let’s back up a second: why is gut health so important, again?

Well first, remember that you are actually made up of more microbes than anything else!! Seriously, you’re more bacteria than you are human! I don’t say that to make you feel gross. 😉 Just because I want to emphasize that it’s very important that these trillions of microbes, a majority of which are concentrated in a part of your intestines called the “cecum,” AKA gut, don’t get out of whack. Scientists currently believe that the BAD bacteria here causes disease, and that feeding your body fermented probiotic foods can not only help with digestive issues, and strengthen your immune system, but actually PREVENT these diseases.

Let me phrase that the opposite way and scare you, though 😉 If the balance is broken because you consume junk and not enough polyphenol-containing veggies, you develop a condition called “leaky gut,” which means that dangerous  compounds ESCAPE the iron walls of your gut, and can wreak havoc in other parts of your body! For example, “amyloid plaques” may be produced in a bad gut, and cross the blood-brain barrier, which scientists hypothesize causes ALZHEIMER’S!

Also, your gut microbiome determines your food cravings. Bad compounds escaping a leaky gut are the main cause of cravings, according to this study:But you wanna know what reduces unhealthy cravings? Green tea! And this is one of the green tea health benefits not just because of the polyphenols, but ALSO due to a secondary compound called catechins. Catechins are natural compounds that actually regulate your hunger hormone to fight those cravings.

To fight hunger in general, in fact!!

So you can see why one of the main green tea health benefits is because it helps you stay strong during FASTING! 

And I know for many people a “magic fasting solution” that helps them get through the fast without the hunger is ENOUGH to make you wanna go buy in bulk!Well, green tea is that thing, simple as that. (So no, it doesn’t break your fast. 😉 Click here to see the LIST of drinks that won’t break your fast!)Any green tea is good, but the longer it’s cold-pressed, the better it is. The tea I’m loving right now is Pique Tea because they cold brew it (extracting pure tea crystals) for 8 hours for max polyphenol count, TWELVE TIMES as much!

And you can “cold brew” yourself by going for a swim! 😉

12x the punch to your gut…the punch to the bad bacteria in your gut, I mean. Lol.If there’s ONE “less commonly health trick” I want people to know about…other than intermittent fasting…it’s that you’re waging a little WAR down in your gut. It’s up to you to arm yourself with prebiotics and probiotics to win that war!

Check Out Pique Tea’s Website here