So is HIIT BETTER Than Cardio Without Intervals? Yes!

HIIT BETTER than cardio without intervals

Is HIIT BETTER than cardio without intervals? Yes, it is…

Now, the reason for that is because it improves your aerobic capacity a lot more. Basically that means, you measure someone’s oxygen uptake, and the fitter you are and the harder you exercise, the more oxygen is absorbed everywhere in your body. This absolutely slashes your risk of heart disease and stroke.

In this Ted Talk, a study is mentioned where people who are already in the early stages of heart failure, and were in their 70s, practiced either HIIT or just moderate cardio.

The people who exercised moderately noticed improvements in how they felt. But only the participants who did HIIT noticed that now they could do things like clean their apartment, play with their grandchildren, stuff that they never could do before!!

This was after 12 weeks of HIIT, during which time they improved their aerobic fitness by almost 50%! I know you’re thinking, intense exercise for 70-year-olds with heart failure?? How did they not just keel over right there?

Well, keep in mind that HIIT is just about getting your body in fight or flight mode, and also reaching at least 70% of your maximum heart rate.

So for a 70-year-old, reaching 70% of their maximum heart rate is going to look a little different in terms of the exercise intensity, than for a 20-year-old!

And I do think that if you want to start HIIT, you need to have a strong foundation — from building up your core strength to building up your cardiac fitness. And you should always ask your doctor if you’re not sure!

But also, there are tons of guided classes and online workouts where a trainer is going to get you into the HIIT state, and it’s a proven workout! Is HIIT better than cardio? Yeah, and it’s more fun too! Just check this out:

If the Transform:20, 20-minute-workout sessions seem like a BLAST to you from this video above Contact me for more deets!

HIIT BETTER than cardio