Can You Fix Cellulite?

We ALL have at least a little bit of cellulite…but some of us have way more than others. Why? Is there any way to get rid of it, or at least diminish the appearance, that isn't a scam? CAN you fix cellulite?

Whether it's on your butt or your belly, let me reiterate what I hope you've heard already: that cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of.

First of all, it's not even just "fat," or the result of excess fat. (Not that it would be shameful if it was!)

It's actually the result of fat CELLS pushing hard against the tissue bands that keep them in place, and pushing so hard it makes dimples in your skin. This happens to most women during puberty because you're growing so fast that your skin tissue can't keep up with it, and so the marks happen. (The same is true of stretch marks.)

The problem is, there's disagreement on the causes depending on what doctor you ask, or depending on what dermatologist you ask.

They all seem to agree that unfortunately, when it comes to that question, "Can you fix cellulite?" that you can't.

can you fix cellulite

But if everyone could come to an agreement on the cause, then surely they could understand how to prevent it, right? Sure…if they could come to that agreement. 😉

Take Dr. Robyn Gmyrek. She founded the Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center at Columbia. So if anyone knows about cellulite, it's her! According to her, cellulite is genetic, but also, having a good diet from the start can help prevent expression of the genes that cause it.

She ties the cause of cellulite back to the lymphatic system. Basically, this system transports lymph (I guess that's how it got its name! Wow! 😉 ) which is a fluid that has white blood cells. (That's why lymphoma is the name for cancer involving reduced white blood cell count.)

Basically, lymph fluid is a part of your immune system that flushes toxins out of the body, removes damage to cells, and absorbs fatty acids. So Gmyrek's theory is that if your lymphatic system is functioning poorly due to a bad diet and lack of exercise, then the toxins store up in your fatty tissue…causing cellulite.

If this is the case, then intermittent fasting would work GREAT to prevent cellulite!

Even if the answer to, "Can you fix cellulite?" is unfortunately no, intermittent fasting removes damaged cells, in a process called autophagy that can actually slow down / reverse aging. Also, intermittent fasting leads to higher use of fatty acids for energy (because your body is burning stored fat). I found some research confirming this theory, of intermittent fasting as a potential way to not only prevent but get rid of cellulite.

The much celebrated (especially by me) Dr. Berg, thinks it works too.

The prevailing theory seems to be that, because cellulite is caused by a proliferation of damaged cells and fatty acids…then IF could fix cellulite. Because IF fixes those two issues!

So in short, cellulite is often genetic. And it's realistic, and it's beautiful! However, I do believe there's compelling evidence to support the effects of IF on cellulite.

If anyone is brave enough to take "before and after" photos to answer the question, "Can you fix cellulite by intermittent fasting?" I'd LOVE to see! In the meantime, if you want to hear about all the 100% PROVEN benefits of intermittent fasting, check out my intermittent fasting playlist on YouTube.