Truth or Perception? Beachbody Workouts Are Not Beginners

There are some Perceptions and Truths about Beachbody workouts are not for Beginners.

You may have stumbled across some reviews about Beachbody workout programs are not for beginners.  Such as PX90, or 80 Day Obsession, Beast Body, or Insanity, even those names can sound intimidating, and those programs are for the more intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

 Maybe you were up late and watched one of the Beachbody Infomercials and watching it made you feel anxious because everyone looks fit and the movements are intense.  All of these things can be discouraging and leave us feeling discouraged.  

You know when you get discouraged about something, it can slow you down from your goals and your mindset drifts from moving forward into a long stall.

So the question to answer really is this?  Fake News and gimmicks “ Beachbody” or just the perception of the reader or the writer reviewing and sharing based on their experience.  The truth is always based on a person’s experience and the perception of their experience.

Let’s take a look at Beachbody On Demand Workout Programs.  Notice that the programs have a fitness level and you can choose from.  

beachbody workouts are not for beginners

Fitness Level Programs

  • Beginner – 13 workout programs for you if you have no real prior experience or it’s been a while since you
  • Beginner/Intermediate – 20 Programs to choose from.
  • Intermediate – 5 Programs
  • Intermediate/Advanced – 15 programs
  • Advanced – 11 Programs

You can continue to select from fitness level, the amount of time for a workout, the type and even the trainer.  So you have plenty of variety.

Some other common Perceptions and simply are not facts.

  • You do not have to be a coach, you can simply purchase an annual membership for $99.00 yearly.  That is cheaper than most gym memberships and you can do it in the privacy of your own home.
  • You are not required to purchase the challenge packs, individual workout programs, supplements, shakeology, meal plans.  If you are just into the fitness piece of it and find you are enjoying the programs, those can all be purchased later if you feel so inclined.

Beachbody is a choice based on what you want to experience.  Use it as a fitness, and diet lifestyle for you, or if you love it and want to build a business with it, then you can go further into the various business opportunities it offers.

I want to leave you with one a few articles are written from their experience at a starting level of a beginner.  


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I know I can only answer based on what I Perceive are the facts, that Beachbody has many programs for beginners.  Don’t let one article or review that says they are not stopping you from finding out on your own. 

Beachbody Workouts Are Not Beginners Beachbody Workouts Are Not Beginners