Is Liposomal B12 the SECRET to the Energy You’ve been Hoping For?

Are your energy levels at an all-time low? Then liposomal B12 may be exactly what you need! How is that different from regular B12? Well, let me explain!

liposomal b12

First of all, B12 is so, so important for your health. It's responsible for your brain, nerves, blood…everything! It helps your body make new DNA, new red blood cells, and plus it helps out with our cell respiration process.

What's that?

Basically, it's taking food and converting it into ATP, which is the energy form used by all life. So your metabolism, your cells…basically, YOU would not function without B12!

But unfortunately, almost half of people aren't getting enough B12. So if you're tired and cranky and have brain fog, low B12 levels could be the cause! (But like I talked about in another blog post, low iron levels could also be the culprit. Just get enough of both, because both are very common deficiencies!)

But this brings into question the idea of WHEN a vitamin deficiency actually becomes a "deficiency." What do I mean by that?

Well, as a Tufts University study showed, about 10% of people vitamin B12 deficient, the way that "deficiency" was defined at the time.

However, 40% of participants had "low normal range" B12 levels, and also reported tiredness, inability to concentrate, and moodiness.

The reason I bring that up is to show that you don't have to be extremely deficient in something to start suffering negative effects! If you're not eating enough meat or other animal products…maybe you're vegan! But unfortunately that means your B12 will be low unless you supplement it. (And if you've ever wondered why that is…why only meat sources have B12…it's because B12 is produced by bacteria. Which, I know, that sounds gross! But the B12-producing bacteria survives on animals by getting absorbed in their gut. So if you aren't eating animal products, then you aren't able to get B12 through food.)

Also, drinking lots of alcohol or consuming lots of antacids can inhibit B12.

So I recommend for everyone to take a B12 supplement. But a few people will need a very specific supplement: liposomal B12!

If you're saying, "Melissa, what the heck does 'liposomal' mean?" Don't worry, I'm getting to that! 😉

Basically, regular B12 supplements are sufficient for most people. (One scoop of Shakeology has 50% of your daily B12 value!) But some people have conditions that make it difficult for their bodies to absorb B12. These include:

  • Bad bacteria in small intestine (caused by a diet high in bad fats and refined carbs)
  • Celiac disease
  • AIDS
  • IBS
  • Low stomach acid

If you have any of these conditions, and you're feeling sluggish, it's probably because your body isn't able to absorb B12 normally. The solution is a special microscopic "packaging" for B12: liposomal B12.

It's a special transport method for B12 that is absorbed intraorally, meaning it gets absorbed in the mouth, before it hits the stomach (where the absorption problems happen for some people). You buy this stuff in a spray, and it's unfortunately sometimes north of $50. But I recommend it for anyone who talks to their doctor and determines they may have a B12 absorption deficiency!

Again, if you DON'T have problems absorbing B12, then you'll be able to get enough through regular meat intake and/or a pill. But apparently almost half of Americans are low on B12…

So might I recommend Shakeology as a tasty, easy way to hit your recommended daily value of B12, the vitamin of LIFE?


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