What Does it Mean if You’re Bored?

When people say they're bored…or when you yourself are bored…you probably don't think too much of it! And usually, life is so hectic that if you're finding yourself bored for a minute, then you should actually cherish it. Right?

what does it mean if you're bored

Well, today I want to answer the question, "What does it mean if you're bored?" Because I think IN SOME CASES it has a deeper meaning, that can actually point to a longer-lasting issue with how you're feeling about life! Maybe that sounds a little harsh or dramatic, but I just have some things I want you to ask yourself the next time you're bored!

"Am I Fulfilled?"

Maybe it sounds silly to be asking yourself such a grand question when you're just bored for a minute, but, guess what?

I typed into Google, "What does it mean if you're bored?"

And one of the first things that came up was THIS definition of the word boredom:

"Boredom can be defined as inability to experience the current moment in a fulfilling way."

That really made me think, because it sounded pretty SERIOUS. "Inability to be fulfilled?" That sounds more like something associated with depression, right??

So then the question becomes, "Is my boredom just a normal, passing type of boredom…or is it a sign of a real problem?"

In order to answer this question (and in order to answer our ORIGINAL question, "What does it mean if you're bored?"), take a look below:

– When you're bored, do you quickly find something to do or do you feel slow-moving all day?
– How do you feel when you're bored? Is it just the boredom you feel, or do you also feel sad, hopeless, angry, etc.?
– Is the reason you're bored because you lost interest in things that you used to not be bored by?

I ask these questions because, yes, boredom is certainly a normal part of everyone's life. No matter how busy you are, there's going to be some point you flip on the TV, and can't decide what to watch, and you feel bored! But it's important to connect with yourself a little bit more deeply in that moment and ask, "Is the reason I'm bored because I'm also not feeling fulfilled overall?"

The feeling you're experiencing may go beyond just "being bored."

So then, what does it mean if you're bored? That means you're living a normal life, and not everything is going to be exciting all the time! But if you find "boredom" happening often at work, while talking to people you care about, or while doing things you love…and that feeling of boredom seems pervasive, an indication of lacking fulfillment or direction in your life…then you really can't call that "boredom."

It's a deeper dissatisfaction, and I certainly don't want anyone feeling that way!

One thing I would say is that if you're feeling bored and restless, it may be because you don't feel enough control or direction over what is going on in your life. Like I said, the place that people feel bored at a lot of the time is work. What they're doing doesn't actually help people, isn't very active or interesting, and maybe they just feel like a cog in the machine. That would make anyone feel bored!

So if you think that might be the root of your boredom and fulfillment problem, then I truly encourage you to contact me and see if working for yourself, setting your own hours, and potentially having more time to spend with family might be exactly the thing you need to kick this whole boredom issue in the butt!

Kick butt with me instead!! 😉 Learn more here.