What Are Four Vital Minerals Needed For Our Bone Health?

Let’s talk about 4 minerals vital to not only our bones but our entire wellbeing

I remember being a kid, a very lucky kid, and my Mom making me breakfast every. Morning before school. Without fail I would have a glass of 2% milk to accompany my microwaved french toast, muffin or oatmeal. My mother “knew” milk was a good source of calcium and I needed plenty of it as a growing child.

I did the same with my kiddos, who are not 23 and 25 years old. It seems common knowledge that the more calcium we eat or drink, the stronger our bones would be. Well, now I’m about to turn your world upside down.

Calcium IS the most important mineral for our bone health but without other minerals in our diets, our bodies don’t do a very good job using the calcium to strengthen our frames. Let’s talk about 4 minerals vital to not only our bones but our entire wellbeing.

Minerals _ Phosphorus

Phosphorus: This mineral is found in eggs, meat, nuts and quality meats. 85% of the phosphorus in our body is in our bones. Vegans and vegetarians have to be especially careful of becoming deficient in this mineral.

Magnesium _ Minerals

Magnesium: I just love that quality chocolate is a good source of this mineral. Green veggies, nuts, seeds and squash are also great sources. 2/3rds of our magnesium is found in our skeleton. It is all too common for us to be a bit deficient in magnesium and it is very important in helping us absorb calcium, as are all of these minerals. Careful too as alcohol can rob your body of magnesium as well.

Minerals _ Iron

Iron: Be careful too if you are taking a calcium supplement as it might block your absorption of iron if ingested near the same time. https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Iron-Consumer/

Iron _ Minerals

Boron: Not a mineral you hear much of, right?! Not too many companies put “High in Boron” on their food labels. Probably because it’s not the sexiest of words and large doses can be toxic. However, we do need some as it is essential in your bone health. Great places to find boron almonds, broccoli, celery nuts and tomatoes.

Bone Health _ four Minerals

Let’s face it, when we think of someone old, we think of a frail man or woman hunched over shrinking with each year. But if we’re proactive and make sure to get a healthy variety of the above mentioned foods then we can be the older generation still doing cartwheels and backflips across the park!