Hydration Tips When You HATE Drinking Water!

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Melissa McAllister

Well, to be honest, I'll never understand how some people hate drinking water! But there is actually a SHOCKING amount of people who do. Studies show that 50%-80% of people don't drink enough water. (Whether it's because they hate the taste of water, or they just forget.)

So if you've got a problem with hydrophobia, listen up, because I've got tons of helpful tips for you…

Add something in

As you probably already know, if you hate the taste of water, there are a lot of things you can add to it. You don't have to drink water "straight, no chaser." A Lemon is a great option, because lemons not only contain lots of vitamin C, but also special plant compounds. Some studies show they help blood sugar and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke! So next time, tell your waiter you WILL have some lemon with your water.

Another similarly "light" option is cucumber. Cucumber also lowers blood sugar and has lots of antioxidants! Actually, if you eat one of these low-calorie snacks whole, you get 62% of your daily vitamin K! So there's a fun fact for you.

Now, if you're thinking, "Melissa, I hate water!! So putting lemon or cucumber in it isn't going to do anything!!" I hear you, Miss Picky! 😉 (Just kidding.) I'll give you some more intense options…

Get even more creative

Mason jars of infused water with fruits on wooden table
Water with Berries

If you want to make your water quite sweet without having too much sugar, try adding some berries. Yes, fruit can be pretty sugary – but blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries are far from the worst offenders! Also, they taste great! And just like cucumbers, they are packed with antioxidants. You can either put the berries straight in your water, or, for a stronger fruity taste, go ahead and simmer them with water in a pot, and you'll get fruity berry syrup to put in your water. (Hey, if the water is berry-colored, you'll forget you're drinking water, right?)

Or, here's another idea: Take an ice cube tray. Now, either put a couple of berries in each tray space, and then cover them with water, OR, take your berry syrup concoction I just mentioned, and pour that into the tray. Either way, now you have ice cubes that will flavor your next glass of water "berry" nicely!

I like this option better than just using a water flavoring mix, because not only is it more creative, but it can be tough to find a water flavoring mix that has no added sugar. And remember, even if it says 0g sugar, it could still be filled with artificial sweeteners like aspartame. So be careful!

Eat your veggies


In my opinion, the best way to get your water intake throughout the day is with fruits and veggies. Of course, the problem with fruits is that they are so high in sugar and carbs (and the latter turns into glucose when processed by your digestive system). So, I definitely think you should eat more vegetables than fruits, and many of these are PACKED with water!

Remember how I mentioned cucumbers as a way to flavor your water? Well, they're also a suitable way to get your water content for the day, by themselves! Cucumbers have an even higher water content than watermelon, being 95% water! Celery might also pop into your head as a top watery veggie. But, there are also great sources of H2O in veggies that you might not typically think of such as spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and tomatoes. (I guess tomatoes are technically a fruit.)

But most people only get approximately 20% of the water they need from food. It's not enough to really hydrate you…So that's why I say…

DON'T Drink Water

Melissa McAllister

Okay, okay, that headline was just to grab your attention. Of course, I think you should drink water! But if you really hate it that much, one obvious solution (at least obvious to me, because I love it so much) is drinking tea. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Pique Tea. This is a special tea that has the added bonus of containing fermented turmeric. Yes, that's right, I said fermented turmeric! So that means you get the benefit of not only probiotics but also, the active ingredient in the turmeric, curcumin. It becomes even easier to absorb in your body with the help of the fermentation process. This stuff is my favorite! (And yes, it tastes better than water.)

So, if water isn't your thing (because takes all kinds to make a world, after all! 😉) I hope I helped you out with one of these alternatives!

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