The REAL Importance of Drinking Enough Water

It’s a tale as old as time—remember to drink your water! It’s essential for your body and your health! We’ve all heard it before, countless times. We know that we should be drinking water every day. But…what’s the REAL importance of drinking enough water?

You may be thinking, what other reasons are there, other than to stay hydrated? Well, staying hydrated is not only essential to your well-being, but if you pull back the curtain, you’ll come to find the many benefits waiting to help you and your body out. Let’s dive into the real importance of drinking enough water and what H20 can really do for your body and mind.

Brain Power

Brain power is essential to living our day-to-day lives. If your brain isn’t feeling powerful, it’ll show within your work. Whether you’re exercising, studying, working an office job—whatever it may be, making sure you are hydrated can help improve your mind’s performance. If you're like me, you’re a go-getter. You want to be the best at what you do. So, look at it this way: if you’re dehydrated, you can’t do that. You won’t be the best version of yourself. You’ll feel fatigued, a migraine could ambush you, impacting your daily performance in a detrimental way. By staying hydrated and keeping your handy water bottle nearby, you will notice the improvements in your mental power. By eliminating any possible side-effect of being dehydrated, you can continue on with your day in a healthy and productive way. You’ll be shocked at how much more concentrated you feel once you make it a point to drink enough water each day.

Better Body & Health Performance

Drinking water helps our body perform better overall. By staying hydrated, you’re helping your heart not have to work as hard. You’re able to avoid constipation and stay regular. And not only those two things, but your kidneys stay healthy, preventing stones and urinary infections. This is because water helps remove all the waste from your kidneys.

Staying hydrated also helps regulate your body temperature. When you work out or you’re outside in hot temperatures, you sweat, which is your body’s way of maintaining your temperature. If you continue to sweat and not hydrate, you will become dehydrated, thus making it more difficult to keep your body temperature maintained. You can prevent this by making sure you drink water during physical activity or being in hot temperatures and environments.

Not only that, but water helps protect your joints and tissues. Water lubricates, thus making the physical activity enjoyable and not uncomfortable due to less or minimal water consumption.

By eliminating dehydration, your body becomes stronger, like your heart, and you will overall have better athletic performance.

Fewer Headaches

It’s as simple as the headline above. By drinking more water, you will lessen the chance of frequent headaches. If you’re like me, maybe you didn’t even realize the two correlated with each other—but they do. Drink more water and fewer headaches will arise.

Avoiding Dehydration

So, how do you avoid dehydration? Seems simple enough, right? Drink more water, obviously. But, sometimes it’s too easy to forget to drink the amount of water your body needs. To avoid dehydration, make it easy for yourself. It’s said that to introduce a new daily habit in your life, make it convenient. Keep an easy-to-transport water bottle near you at all times, and depending on how many ounces the bottle holds, do the math and find out how many fill-ups a day would be enough for your personal daily intake. A baseline is said to be 15 cups a day for men and 11 cups for women—total, including all fluid intake from foods and other beverages (talk to your doctor if you’re unsure). Make it a fun, personal challenge for you daily, keeping a note in your phone or a notepad nearby, tracking your water intake.

Or, if you’re exercising, make sure to have that trusty water bottle nearby, hydrating necessarily throughout the workout–especially if you’re outside and it’s hot. Keeping yourself hydrated in high temperatures is essential to avoiding dehydration.

Do it for yourself and your health. It’ll be worth it in the long run. And who doesn’t want to feel good?! By avoiding dehydration and figuring out how many ounces of water you should drink a day, you’re only helping yourself. And it's as easy as that.

To sum it all up: drinking water can only help. Do it for yourself, think of it as the ultimate step of self-care. Treat your body like the temple it is by hydrating it the amount it needs to properly function. Care about your body, because it is the only permanent home you will ever have.

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