Is the Mediterranean diet a good one?

Looking to start a new diet? Maybe you want a bit of freedom in said diet. Either way you want to feel happy and healthy while eating great food.

You’re active. You love to exercise when you have the time. And cooking is one of your favorite pastimes.

But you can’t decide what diet is best for you.

The Mediterranean diet — some of you may have heard of it, some may not. But the question still is — is this diet good? And what is a good diet anyways?

Before I answer the question, let’s talk about the Mediterranean Diet.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is inspired by the eating habits of those who live near and around the Mediterranean Sea.

This diet draws inspiration from Italian, French, Spanish, and Greek cuisine. Rich in flavor, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats — this way of eating might be right up your alley.

Health and diet researchers found that people living near the Mediterranean Sea are exceptionally healthy and at low risk of chronic diseases and/or conditions. When they looked deeper into the cuisine, it became clear.

Not only is it rich in healthy fats and flavor, but it has multiple health benefits. The Mediterranean Diet cuisine has been proven to help support brain function, heart health, and even regulate blood sugar. This diet can also promote healthy weight loss, potentially prevent heart attacks and even type 2 diabetes.

While focusing heavily on heart-healthy fats, fruits, veggies — and not so much on processed foods and added sugar — this could be a great way to stay healthy while also enjoying some yummy Mediterranean cuisine.

How do you follow the diet? That’s the thing — there are no concrete rules.

That being said, there are recipes you can find, certain foods you can eat, and ways to loosely follow the diet. Basically, you make it your own.

Allow me to explain.

Find out your desired calorie intake and follow that (however that may look). While some people may not like the lack of concrete rules — others relish in the fact that they can make this diet their own.

So, how do you follow the diet without any concrete rules?

Just like many diets, there are foods to consume and foods to limit.

First off, your Mediterranean Diet will revolve around — seafood, herbs, spices, vegetables, fruit, heart-healthy fats, legumes, potatoes, seeds, nuts, and extra virgin olive oil.

Next, make sure you eat these in moderation — eggs, cheese, yogurt, and poultry.

Lastly, eat these the least: added sugars, processed foods, red meats, refined grains, and oils.

You can Google extensive lists on what foods to eat on the Mediterranean Diet if you’re unsure.

So, now that we know the benefits of this diet and how to follow it — is it a good diet?

Yes! There are multiple health benefits AND it’s flexible. Depending on your personal preference, this diet might be the perfect one for you.

As always, I recommend you outline your health and fitness goals BEFORE choosing any diet.