4 Influential Women Who Have Had Amazing Results Using Beachbody

Celebrities. Sometimes they can be annoyingly flawless. Do you ever catch yourself asking if what you’re looking at is even real. Like… how can they look that good?

The thing is — it takes work. Famous or not, anyone who has “chiseled abs” or “defined legs” dedicated themselves when it comes to their workouts and meal prep.

But don’t let that scare you! You are capable of more than you think.

To give you a little inspiration to get started or keep up your hard work — let’s take a look at some pretty neat Beachbody success stories from a few names you might recognize.

Erin Andrews

The Queen of ESPN herself.

Erin is a sportscaster, television personality, and actress. She has set a tone for women in the entertainment industry with an interest in live action sports. She has covered broadcasting for an array of events, but most notably — three NFL Super Bowls.

Erin created her own brand of clothing called WEAR. The mission is to get Women more interested and involved in sports.

As far as the Beachbody community — she notes that she travels quite often and uses P90X on the road. It’s her means to stay fit and healthy within her busy schedule.

Definitely a notable, fitness-minded woman!

Michelle Obama

Maybe you’ve heard of her? Attorney, author… previous First Lady of the United States?

Michelle is a pretty amazing woman. She is…

➤ The First African-American First Lady

➤ A Graduate of Princeton AND Harvard Law School

➤ Active In Fundraising Efforts

➤ A Leader In Non-Profit Organizations

➤ A Social Activist

Not to mention her Healthier, Hunger Free Kids Act which focused on reforming school lunches for children to battle obesity. She also launched her Let’s Move! program that promotes physical activity.

Michelle is famously known for her toned arms — all thanks to the P90X Beachbody program, which she noted she had “The Whole Whitehouse Staff” on board with.


AKA Alecia Beth Moore. If you aren’t sure of who Pink is — she is a singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. Pink is known to be an edgier female artist who lives up to her rockstar name.

Pink has been pushing the envelope and breaking stereotypes for years. She’s been redefining what it means to be a woman in the music industry.

She is also an activist for many notable causes including Animal Rights and Human Rights Organizations.

On top of yoga and cardio sessions, Pink puts in her hours of Beachbody classes to stay in peak condition for performing on stage — in which she is noted for showcasing her Aerial Acrobatic skills.

Julianne Hough

Maybe you’ve turned on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and have seen her taking the stage? Her professional dancing skills helped two contestants win first place, and now she sits as a judge on the show.

Julianne is a powerhouse dancer, actress, and singer. She’s a big name in the dance and broadway community. She also launched a successful music career and appeared in several movies.

Her charitable efforts fall on several organizations that help children all over the world. She has also partnered with her husband to start a foundation that brings clean water to children and families in underdeveloped countries.

Julianne’s line of work is very physical, which means staying in tip-top shape. She credits Beachbody as one of the best go-to workouts for keeping her fit throughout her career.

Try It Yourself

Sometimes a little inspiration is what we need to get motivated.

Do you know what’s really cool? You can get there with Beachbody — it’s literally designed for anyone. Plus, different classes offer different approaches. You can find a fit that is right for YOU.

Already part of the crew? Wonderful! Keep it up!

The tools for success are right at your fingertips whenever you need them.

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