How To Get Out Of The Daily Grind And Start Working Your Dream Job

Do you find yourself daydreaming more than usual? Are you thinking of what you could be doing instead of your 9-5 job?

You know there’s something more for you out there.

The thing is — lots of people dream big, but not many take action.

You CAN step up and make the changes needed to start living the life you want. But before you toss your spreadsheets in the air and ditch the briefcase…You need a plan.

Think It Through

Sometimes we can get really caught up in an idea and turn it into something it's not. Like a little kid thinking they want to be a beekeeper — but not realizing they can get stung.

Ask yourself a few questions…

Do you know what the job is all about?

What does daily life look like in that role?

Will you enjoy most of the parts about the job?

Can you see yourself doing it for the long haul?

Be realistic and adjust when you need to.

Maybe you do need a career switch and are thinking about becoming a chef, but early mornings would be better for your schedule. Consider being a baker instead.

It’s all about finding the right path that fits your needs.

Do Your Research

You don’t need the whole Scooby Doo gang — but you should probably look at some things you need to get started in a new position…

What Skills Are Necessary?

What Kind Of Timeline Are You Looking At?

What Is The Required Education?

Does The Location Work?

Will You Make Enough Money?

Does The Job Match What You Really Want To Do?

Once you have this information, you’ll have a much better idea about what you’re getting into and the best approach to take. Plus — you’ll have tools for future planning and personal growth.

Map It Out

My advice? Talk to the instructor before jumping out of the plane.

In other words — you really should plan something out before you start putting things into motion.

Know Details Of The Position

Focus On The Pros AND The Cons

Know How Much Time And Dedication Is Involved

Understand The Risk vs Reward Factor

Look At The Long-Term Trajectory

Don’t jump into being a chemist only to find out you don’t understand anything about science.

Knowing what you are actually getting yourself into will only help you on your journey.

Action Time

This is going to be your hardest step. This is your leap of faith that will test you — but hopefully allow you to blossom.

✔ Update Your Resume

✔ Brush Up Your Skills

✔ Practice Communication

✔ Prep What You Can

✔ Work Hard

✔ Be Bold

✔ Don’t Give Up

Most people can’t see past a dream. You are not one of them. Take that step that turns your dreams into reality.

You Can Do It

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Don’t leave yourself wondering if you can do it. Give it a try and find out.

Be intelligently bold.