Why Your Mindset About Workouts After 40 Should Shift In A GOOD Way

Let’s face it. There’s a stigma around turning 40 and older — especially for women. We treat aging like gum stuck to the bottom of our shoe.

But I’m here to tell you to shake it off and start embracing your age because, honestly, it’s a beautiful thing.

Fitness over 40 has some amazing benefits that we sometimes overlook. We get so focused on age as a number and don’t consider our experience and dedication.

Here’s why you should still aim to crush your workouts over 40 and how you can use fitness to your advantage to be your best self at any age…

Hormone Changes

Fitness is the best natural mood booster you can find.

According to The Guardian “It’s widely believed that the psychological benefits of exercise come from the release of endorphins, but that is an oversimplification. Instead, when we exercise, we produce a cocktail of hormones, including endocannabinoids – all of which contribute to making us feel good.”

As we age, our hormones are in a state of constant change, making the chemicals in our bodies fluctuate or decline.

Sticking to a workout routine helps keep those levels up, making us happier, healthier people.

You literally have the power in your hands to combat depression and anxiety. Best to take full advantage of that!

Body Changes

Listen — I know we don’t like to talk about the growing pains of aging. But it’s part of life.

The good news? We live in a modern society. We understand what it takes to live longer, stronger lives.

Muscle Decline? ➡ Lift Weights

Joint Pain? ➡ Stretch

Weight Gain? ➡ Cardio

Memory Issues? ➡ Diet

If you are someone who has focused on wellness (or getting on that path right now) — you’re setting yourself up to combat the effects of aging.

You will…

✓ Preserve muscle mass

✓ Increase bone density

✓ Have better balance and stability

✓ Improve heart health

✓ Balance your hormones

✓ Boost your metabolism

So don’t back down now! Fitness has so much to offer as you age.

Time and Dedication

There’s something to be said for being a certain age and having your life a little more together then it was at 20.

Do you remember being in college? Broke, busy, stressed, and unsure of the future. Would you really go back to that lifestyle just to look a little younger? Probably not.

Being older has advantages — we just generally don’t see it because we are so focused on the negative.

Take a look at what you have now…

✓ More dedicated time to yourself

✓ A schedule that YOU are in control of

✓ Less financial stress and uncertainty

✓ A solid network friends and colleagues

✓ Roots planted for your family

Let’s face it — it’s nice to be a little more sure of things now that you’ve reached this point in your life. You have time to focus on your mental and physical health in a way that you may not have been able to before.

Better Support

This loops in with our chat about time and dedication. You are an older, established individual. Take a moment to soak that up!

This means you have quality people in your life who care about your wellbeing. Having support is so important to motivation and dedication.

You also have access to…

✓ Guidance from experts

✓ Classes that cater to you

✓ Community groups

This is the best time in your life to cut out negativity and toxic energy. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and ambitions.

Better yet — take charge and become a leader if you have the motivation to help others as well as yourself.

Keep Going

Don’t let age slow you down. Adjust where you need to (like making sure to really stretch) — but keep up those workouts and smart habits.

You have the power to be comfortable in your skin at any age. It just takes commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

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