4 Little Changes To Make To Boost Your Daily Hydration

Okay — time to use your imagination. I want you to take your mind to another place for a moment and imagine a beach on a hot summer day…

You’ve been toasting under the sun, heat waves rippling in the air, and beads of sweat glistening on your skin. You lick your lips and realize they feel like the sand that you are standing on! You reach for your insulated mug and take a sip of cold refreshing water within… ahhh… so satisfying.  

Quenching your thirst feels so good when you feel especially parched — but it can be hard to tell if you are getting enough fluids daily. With hydration being incredibly important, here are some easy adjustments you can make to ensure that you stay properly hydrated all day, every day. 

Mental Checklist

I know you are BUSY and the last thing you need is another task — but I promise to make this really simple!

Just like you check in with other parts of your body and how you feel, you should check in to see if you have signs of dehydration. 

➜ Is your skin stiff or sticks when you pull it back?

➜ Are you feeling irritable or grumpy?

➜ Is your number 1 dark yellow or smells funky?

➜ Are you getting regular headaches?

➜ Is your mouth dry or do you have bad breath?

➜ Do you feel hungry all the time?

If you have any of these issues, try adding more liquid to your diet and monitor your improvement. 

Remember! Liquid is the fuel that keeps us functioning. You wouldn’t fly a plane that hasn’t been inspected — so keep these questions in the back of your mind to ensure you do your own inspection and feel hydrated.

Set Reminders

Maybe you are someone who needs a straight-to-the-point approach. 

Ding Ding Ding! Time to drink up! 

Alarms are a GREAT way to stay on track. Obviously, don’t force it down if you really aren’t feeling it — but nine out of ten times, I can assure you that you will be happy to gulp some fresh liquid down by the time your alarm goes off. 

Or maybe you prefer the relaxing voice of a sophisticated British woman giving you a gentle reminder? Hey — if you can set accents for your GPS, you can also do it for your reminders. 

✓ Bells 

✓ Whistles

✓ Chimes

✓ An Old Fashioned Car Horn… ah-woo-gah! 

Whatever suits your fancy — as long as it helps you pick up your cup! 

Use Time

Time can be a valuable tool — or really obnoxious when running late. 

Either way, pay attention to time. 

✓ Wake up… Drink

✓ Eat breakfast… Drink

✓ Take a walk… Drink

✓ Sit down for a movie… Drink

Your movements and actions can be great opportunities to make sure you are sipping on some water or warming up your pot for some tea. 

Don’t be afraid to be that person who carries a reusable water bottle with them too. It should feel like an extra limb — or better yet, treat it like a seventeen-year-old treats their phone. Necessary. Important. And, OH GOODNESS, WHAT IF JENNY TEXTS ME ABOUT STEVE? 

Get to the “I just can’t live without it” level. 

Funky and Fun

Not everything needs to feel like a chore. Am I right? 

Hydration is good for your body — so it shouldn’t make you want to sigh every time you reach for your cup. 

Speaking of cups. Get a variety of fun ones you can take with you everywhere you go. Rep your favorite team or show off a favorite vacation souvenir. I promise you will enjoy sipping on a refreshing drink much more if it’s out of a fun cup versus a boring clear glass. 

And as far as what you fill your cup with — you don’t always have to stick to straight water. Spruce up that water with a squeeze of fresh lemon, or add some berries to infuse it with. You can also enjoy a little black coffee or green tea. Make sure it’s healthy, but switching it up from time to time is a good thing! 

Liquid Life 

BDA States, “Water in the body is essential for many important processes to take place. From our blood system carrying essential glucose, oxygen and nutrients to cells, to the kidneys getting rid of waste products we no longer want, fluid in the body is vital to allow these to occur. It also lubricates our joints and eyes, helps our digestive system function and keeps our skin healthy.”

Sounds pretty important, yeah? 

So splish, splash and make sure those cups stay filled and flowing with liquid that fuels the body in the best ways possible.



“The Importance Of Hydration”

August 19th, 2019  


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