5 Telltale Signs That Your Gut Health Is Out Of Whack And Ways To Improve It

I’ve got a little science lesson for you…

Did you know that you basically have two brains in your body? That’s right — the gut microbiome is known to many as the second brain and oddly enough “talks” to your actual brain through a chain of nerves.

There’s “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria in the gut. If the “bad” bacteria starts to take over the “good” bacteria those signals going from the gut to the brain are going to throw other parts of the body into chaos.

No one wants that!

So how can you tell if things are off in your gut microbiome? There’s some signs to let you know things are off (and things you can do to help out).

Gurgly Insides

It’s probably no surprise that an upset stomach is red flag number one.

➜ Gas

➜ Indigestion

➜ Bloating

➜ Gurgling

➜ Discomfort

Or — sudden food intolerances.

All of these = internal issues

If you’re in a back and forth battle with your insides feeling off — you might want to consider balancing out the bacteria in your gut.

Bad ZZZ’s

Everyone knows that good sleep is important — and who wants to be around someone who’s extra tired? That’s like playing with fire!

So if you start tossing and turning in bed, it could be red flag number two that something isn’t quite right in the gut.

Same goes for…

➜ Restlessness

➜ Fatigue

➜ Patchy Sleep

➜ Disruptive Sleep

➜ Quick Exhaustion

These could be remedied by a good gut reset.

No “Glow”

Believe it or not — your skin is basically a mirror of what’s happening in your gut.

➜ Dry, Flakiness

➜ Psoriasis

➜ Eczema

➜ Thinning

➜ Acne

Most certainly red flag number three on gut imbalances.

Boosting that good bacteria will lead to better, glowing skin. Much better than hiding behind a sweater or makeup.

Feeling Blue

Have you recently been feeling like your mood has been all over the place?

➜ Cranky

➜ Irritable

➜ Sad

➜ Depressed

➜ Anxious

There could be other reasons for mood fluctuations — but many people don’t connect the dots to gut issues.

Food affects how you feel, and if you’re only packing in the stuff that spawns the bad bacteria, you’re going to start seeing a shift in your mood.

Definitely watch out for this red flag.


If you have a consistent workout schedule, eat the same foods regularly, and suddenly see fluctuations in your weight — say hello red flag number five.

Bad bacteria causes…

➜ Inflammation

➜ Insulin Resistance

➜ Irregular Blood Sugar

➜ Excessive Fat Storage

➜ Less Absorption of Nutrients

So if you’re wondering why your body is going through a wave of changes without much change in your day-to-day, make sure to evaluate your gut bacteria.


Now that you know what to look out for you may be asking “so what can I do about it?

✓ Stay Hydrated!

✓ Eat a variety of healthy whole foods

✓ Eliminate foods that cause issues

✓ Get lots of sleep and rest

✓ Do what you can to lower your stress levels

✓ Make sure to move and exercise regularly

✓ Try a pre and/or probiotic

✓ Make sure to have fun and laugh

✓ Work with a doctor or specialist

These few small changes and adjustments will get those good guys to pop up in your gut and help you start feeling better every day.