4 Reasons To Teach Kids About Entrepreneurship And Leadership

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word entrepreneurship?

I bet your first thought isn’t the tiny humans in our lives.

But that’s the thing — teaching kids valuable life skills that comes from being that type of leader could provide them with wonderful tools for future success (and a bigger and brighter world for tomorrow).

Problem Solving

Entrepreneurs know what it’s like to face challenges on the regular. It’s one thing to face predicaments working for someone else and it’s another to face them if you are your own leader — but it’s all part of the ride of business ownership.

Getting kids to think outside the box will help them overcome obstacles and find ways to make things work.

This will make them…

✓ Resilient

✓ Resourceful

✓ Strong

✓ Confident

✓ Mindful

✓ Patient

✓ Inventive

✓ Determined

All of these in which we want the future generation to be!

It’s like them playing quarterback in a big game — you’re going to want them to figure out how to lead their team to as many touchdowns as possible no matter what plays the other team has up their sleeves.


One of the best things about owning your own business is that you get to do something you have passion for — and passion and creativity go hand in hand. You have the ability to take what’s in front of you and mold it into exactly what you envision.

Creativity leads to…

✓ New ideas

✓ Unique approaches

✓ Collaboration

✓ Resourcefulness

✓ Innovation

✓ Productivity

Kids thrive when you give them the pen and paper. In other words, kids' minds are little balls of imagination and when we let that imagination soar, we open them up to a form of expression that’s like none other.

We have the opportunity to make little leaders who bring their creative ideas to life.


“Use your words!” All parents have probably said that at one time or another.

When you get kids involved with learning about entrepreneurship — they quickly pick up on what it means to talk things through.

They’ll be able to…

✓ Work with a team

✓ Plan things out

✓ Negotiate

✓ Build confidence

✓ Make their voice heard

It’s really important for kids at a young age to learn how to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings — and it will help them be strong, passionate, expressive, independent adults later on.


Everyone has goals — but entrepreneurship takes goals to a whole new level.

Ideas turn into Plans ➜ Plans lead to Goals ➜ and Goals drive us forward to take Action

Teaching kids about entrepreneurship will help them set and achieve goals.

This will help them…

✓ Start recognizing opportunities

✓ Boost enthusiasm and joy

✓ Believe in themselves and their ideas

✓ Get excited about the future

✓ Give them drive to work hard

✓ See their potential

The important role of an adult in this situation is helping them navigate reaching their goals and making it very clear that not every goal has to be checked off — sometimes just learning from the process is worth the effort.


Kids should have motivations and support behind their personal growth and development. Helping them understand entrepreneurship and what it means to be a leader in the world will build invaluable skills within them.

Give them the tools to help them see their potential and you will see the world blossom with amazing human beings.