3 Ways to Track Fitness Success Beyond the Scale

One of the first things people tend to do when they start a fitness journey is dust off the old scale and step on, but the truth is, relying solely on those numbers can play tricks on your mind.

Using a scale to track your progress has its limitations and doesn’t actually provide a deeper look into how your body responds to different workouts and activities.

Other Tracking Options

Exploring other methods to gauge your progress is important if you're looking to make big changes — so here are three options that can help you out!

📐👗 Measurements

Opening up your closet doors and assessing the fit of your clothes, as well as taking regular body measurements, can provide a much more in-depth look into your progress. Doing these two things can show off the muscle you're building and the fat you're shedding — even when the scale doesn't seem to budge.

🏋️‍♀️ 💪 Reps and Weight

Pay close attention to the progression of your exercise routines. Whether you're lifting heavier weights, increasing your repetitions, or boosting the intensity of your cardio sessions, these are indicators that you're becoming stronger and more physically fit. Strong will start feeling really good!

👀 📸 Photo Evidence

Snapping periodic photographs of yourself is an incredibly effective visual method to actually see your body's transformation. These images can show any subtle yet significant changes that might escape regular notice, giving a powerful incentive to keep things rolling.

An In-Depth View

Looking from different perspectives helps you see all of the changes happening to your body — which in turn promotes a healthier, more sustainable mindset toward fitness.

By using different methods to document your progress, you can really appreciate the different milestones you hit, all while avoiding over-reliance on the scale.